Hornbill Festival

India's Hornbill Festival with Shirley Campbell

Zegrahm Contributor|February 15, 2017|Video

India's Hornbill Festival with Shirley Campbell

This November, we'll be traveling to India by Rail with the Hornbill Festival, with social anthropologist, Shirley Campbell. An annual rite of passage, watch as Shirley describes the festivities with Expedition Advisor Ellen McIlvaine.



Ellen McIlvaine, Expedition Advisor: Hi, I’m Ellen from Zegrahm. I’m here with Shirley Campbell, social anthropologist, who’s going to be leading our India by Rail with the Hornbill Festival. What is the Hornbill Festival and what can we expect?

Shirley Campbell, Social Anthropologist: In Nagaland, there are many different tribes, and the Hornbill Festival happens once a year. The tribes all come together with their very distinctive, identifying costumes, and headdresses, and they dance to show off to each other how great they are. There’s great weavings, there’s great metal-work that they do, great bead-work, so those sort’s of things we’ll be able to buy. They’ll also have the foods from the different regions that we’ll be able to try…there’s going to be one great big cultural festival all laid out, for them, and we’re just going to be little flies on the wall that taste little bits and pieces as we go.

Ellen: That sounds amazing.

Shirley: It is amazing. 

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