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Kayaking with Orcas

Zegrahm Contributor|September 30, 2015|Video

Kayaking with Orcas

Our recent expedition to the Arctic yielded spectacular wildlife results - some lucky guests even got to kayak among a pod of orcas! Watch kayak guide and naturalist, Kevin Clement, explain the good luck we came across. 



Kevin Clement, Naturalist: So yesterday, we were in the port of Reine. It was only our second opportunity to get out on the water, so I took my little group of kayakers and I had a great plan. I had a good route picked out through the islands, weaving through them. But about five minutes after we started out, we got a radio call that there had been a sighting of killer whales in the fjord. And we completely abandoned the plan, turned 180º, paddled out towards the fjord, not knowing what we would find. We could see them across the fjord, blowing, feeding, slapping, splashing—it was a peak experience, I think for everybody there. The closest I have ever been to killer whales in a kayak, and absolutely a magic moment to have that experience in those surroundings.

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