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The Kimberley "Keeps Calling Me Back"

Zegrahm Contributor|October 28, 2016|Blog Post

As we put our finishing touches on our upcoming expedition to Australia’s remote Kimberley region, you might say our expert field staff is getting “stoked” (excited). For one, they’ll be joined by Richard Gilmore, Australia division director of The Nature Conservancy, who will offer his insights through a series of lectures during the 15-day exploration of “Never Never” (Outback). Here are a few other reasons why our expedition team thinks you should “give it a burl” (have a go):


Shirley Campbell, Social Anthropologist

“The Kimberley is just one of those destinations that keeps calling me back.”

Why It’s Exciting: “The Kimberley coast is likely the first place human footsteps made an imprint on this ancient land. The ongoing, living Aboriginal cultures that make this extremely isolated part of Australia home continue to divulge elements of their beliefs about their relationship to the land every time we meet with them.”

What Takes Her Breath Away: “The sight of 1.8 billion-year-old Pentecost sandstones rising majestically from the blue Indian Ocean. An enduring image of the Kimberley coast is the touch of the setting sun on these magnificent red, orange, and yellow rocks. It is truly humbling.”


Brent Stephenson, Ornithologist

“The sunrises and sunsets are second to none.”

Why It’s Exciting: “Looking at some of the oldest rocks on the planet, and trying to capture them in a photographic sense, is just part of why I love the Kimberley. The element of surprise is always at work as well, with some of the wildlife … to see a 10-foot estuarine crocodile ‘smiling' at you from just a few feet away is always exciting!”

What Takes His Breath Away: “The red of the rock, the green of the Eucalypt trees, and the stunning blue skies—absolutely stunning.”


Christopher Done, Naturalist

“This may be Australia’s best-kept secret.”

Why It’s Exciting: “Right up front is the stunning scenery, and I’m particularly excited that we will have geologist Tom Sharpe along to give us his insights on aspects of it. The extreme tidal movements are integral to the excitement of the Horizontal Waterfalls and the intrigue of Montgomery Reef.”

What Takes His Breath Away: “The breathtaking landscapes … the flora and fauna ... the presence of people whose culture dates back as long as any on Earth … it is the whole experience that gets me every time.”


Terry Done, Marine Biologist

"The wonders and fascinations of rocks, art, and wildlife sightings, a cool swim in a beautiful freshwater stream … just another great day in the Kimberley.”

Why It’s Exciting: “Imagine a 40-foot tide squeezing itself through narrow passes in a 250-foot-high rocky shore (what the locals call ‘the horrors,’ short for Horizontal Waterfalls) and the thrilling Zodiac ride through one of the two gaps where we get to see — and feel! — up close, the force of this phenomenon.”

What Takes his Breath Away: “We get to spend time with the Worrorra people, who tell us about their lives and the history and symbolism in their living art, refreshed on the rocks by esteemed tribal elders and reproduced on canvas. And we learn of much older art — as old as any known rock art on Earth — which we also get to see.”


To learn more, visit Australia's Kimberley: A Voyage to the Outback.

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