Little Auks, Northwest Spitsbergen

Little Auks in the Arctic

Zegrahm Contributor|October 28, 2015|Video

Little Auks in the Arctic

Our recent expedition to the Arctic yielded spectacular wildlife results, including a visit to a little auk nesting site! Watch ornithologist, Mark Brazil, describe the incredible scene of thousands of birds.



Mark Brazil, Ornithologist: This is a dream come true for me. I grew up in the British Isles where the little auk is a very scarce, storm-blown winter visitor, and at last, I’m at a colony in Svalbard. Up behind me, we have hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of little auks. They’re gathering in front of their colonies, they’re chattering, we’ve seen copulation this evening, pairs joining together again after a winter at sea, and then every now and then when a glaucous gull glides along the slope of the island, they are frightened out, they all go out in a great flock, circling around, and then come in over my head, calling again. It’s an absolutely wonderful scene, both to see, and to hear. A fantastic experience.

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