Bikini Atoll

On Location: Bikini Atoll

Zegrahm Contributor|September 13, 2010|Blog Post

There are not many places one can travel to these days where one’s heart weeps and sings at the same time. The story of Bikini Atoll is like none other. Our historian, Susan Langley, and anthropologist, Shirley Campbell, brought to life the ineffable devastation caused by all the nuclear testing carried out here by the Americans after WWII. The story of struggle suffered by the displaced islanders is still raw in their hearts.

And yet, under the waves, the fishes and the corals are blooming. On account of the radioactivity no one eats the seafood from these waters and thus life is bountiful! The diversity and biomass of fish on the snorkel sites was simply astounding—a classic case-study demonstrating the undeniable benefit of NO-TAKE management. Meanwhile, the divers explored the monstrous 800+ foot wreck of the aircraft carrier Saratoga which showcased patrolling grey-reef and silver-tip sharks, giant dog-tooth tunas, schools of fish and turtles, as well as interesting artifacts such as an old metal diver’s helmet and a trumpet. What a fascinating place, indeed!

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