Napolean Wrasse

On Location: Blue Corner, Palau

Jack Grove|April 27, 2012|Blog Post

The weather has been exceptional since we have embarked on the Palau Aggressor II. Each day has been an adventure both above and below the surface of these amazingly diverse tropical seas. The corals appear to have recovered from recent El Nino events, and the protection afforded by the Palau Shark Sanctuary is evident in the increased numbers of sharks.

Our dive yesterday at the fabled Blue Corner was one of the best I have ever experienced. Crystal clear waters with numerous gray reef sharks passing by as we were entertained by curious, almost comical Napoleon wrasses, each weighing close to a hundred pounds. At Big Drop, we snorkeled above a vertical wall of colorful soft corals and shoals of butterflyfish and fairy basslet; we watched in amazement, the spawning of bird and checkerboard wrasses as they preformed a courtship dance and launched their gametes into the tropical seas. WOW!

All for now ... Landing at Pelelieu soon. FAIR WINDS.