Panama Canal, Panama

On Location: A Daylight Transit of the Panama Canal

Zegrahm Contributor|March 25, 2008|Blog Post

Le Levant is in line with 106 other ships to transit the Panama Canal today! Our passage ID is N21X, which means that we are the 21st ship to transit going north on this day, 24 March 2008, and we will be accompanied by an extra ship. Our companion through the Canal is a barge with a bright green tug boat.

We came into Balboa Harbor last night. Imagine the change in scenery from the top deck after days exploring virtually alone on the water, the horizon occasionally altered by small uninhabited islands. Last night we were surrounded by the lights of fishing boats, cargo ships, and the skyline of Panama City. In the morning light we can see many of our fellow daylight transit ships—a far cry from the dug outs we were in two days ago.

Anchor’s aweigh as we steam into position for our transit, standing on deck, you can’t help but marvel at this engineering feat.

View the video footage of our transit through the Panama Canal onboard Le Levant.

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