Gam Island

On Location: Gam Island

Zegrahm Contributor|March 2, 2010|Blog Post

In perfect Zegrahm style, we combined four expedition days in to one. The birders left when the moon was still full and bright, in search for the red bird of paradise. Jonathan was hopeful they’d see one or two red “bops” fly overhead. It wasn’t so…they saw 6 males and many females—truly beyond expectations!

The rest of the group visited the village of Yanwapnor. Some went in search of a lost orchid, which had been rediscovered in the village, while others strolled down the well swept lanes. The pride of the villagers showed in this beautiful town. We all met at the elementary school where the children were waiting to welcome us with songs.

Everyone was back on the ship and waiting for snorkel boats by 9:30 a.m. After a great Zodiac cruise out to the site, we jumped in for a fantastic drift snorkel, so fantastic we did it three times! As if that wasn’t enough, some of us headed to the other side of the small island for another drift. On the way a large manta ray said hello with a full body breech. Since we are an intrepid group, we finished the morning at the Kri Island Resort house reef. WOW! It felt like we’d be dropped into an overstuffed aquarium. So many fish you didn’t know where to look next. Not only did we find Nemo, we found Dory too—a pallet surgeon fish—gorgeous! Hungry and overjoyed, we headed back to the ship for lunch. In the afternoon we did it all again as we headed back on the reef in our overstuffed aquarium. Still high on the excitement of this paradise, we ended our day with a traditional Indonesian dinner. What a spectacular day!

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