Agrigento, Sicily

On Location: Greetings from the Blue and Sunny Mediterranean!

Zegrahm Contributor|September 8, 2011|Blog Post

We are now cruising from our first five days in Sicily towards the Adriatic Sea and the wonders of Croatia, Montenegro, and Albania. Sicily was full of marvels. We began in Palermo and Monreale, where the 12th-century churches and chapels were adorned with magnificent mosaics from floor to ceiling. The Palatine Chapel in Palermo was especially memorable, like a jewel-box of medieval art. We enjoyed exploring the labyrinthine streets of the medieval hilltop town of Erice and the beautifully situated Greek temple and theater at Segesta. Greek temples seemed to be everywhere in Sicily. The ancient cities such as Selinunte and Agrigento have several each, including the world’s best preserved temple, the Temple of Concord. The salt flats of Trapani and Marsala, with the white hills of curing salt piled alongside, gave us an idea of how salt has been produced here for thousands of years. Believe it or not, we’ve had time for wine tasting in Marsala and at the feudal estate of Principi de Butera, where the vintners also hosted us for a spectacular Sicilian luncheon, the scenic countryside stretching out in endless vistas from the hilltop winery. We also visited Syracusa and its enormous ancient theater, and walked the picturesque streets of Ortigia, where the 18th-century Baroque-style cathedral has incorporated the impressive remains of the two-thousand year old Greek temple of Athena. Onwards!

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