La Digue, Seychelles

On Location: La Digue, Seychelles

Zegrahm Contributor|January 31, 2012|Blog Post

A row of quaint shops lined the quiet main street of town on the island of La Digue, where we had to look both ways before crossing the road not because of cars, but because of bicycles. Soon we had chosen our own chariot from the bicycle shop, and headed out to explore the island. Lush green trees shaded the road, and we greeted the locals with a wave as we peddled past.

Soon we arrived at a small nature preserve, where we parked our bikes and proceeded on foot. La Digue is home to the endemic Seychelles paradise flycatcher, a bird that until its introduction to another small island to the north, was found only here on La Digue. We scanned the trees for movement, and within minutes we saw a black bird with a tail twice as long as its body, dart through the foliage. We had found a male Seychelles paradise flycatcher! Soon two more males joined, chasing one another around from branch to branch, and we quickly realized why—a female flew in, her pale under parts and rusty back quite different than the dark black of the male. 

Though it was difficult to pull ourselves away from the flycatchers, we mounted our bicycles again for a ride out to the end of the road, where we found the spectacular beach, Anse La Source d’Argent. A postcard photo any direction we looked, the contrast of the pink granite, white sand, and blue water was a sight to behold. Whether enjoyed sitting comfortably on the sand or floating in the warm water, this was most certainly the Seychelles at its best.