Lakshadweep Islands, India

On Location: Lakshadweep Islands

Zegrahm Contributor|January 3, 2012|Blog Post

Our second day in the Lakshadweep Islands was another success of expedition style travel. After a poolside breakfast our fabulous Expedition Leader, Lia Opera, announced that we would all be going ashore at Tinnakara Island.

Five Zodiacs full of guests and staff were led by the Tinnkarara tourism ski boat towards the island. Though our more than capable expedition staff could have easily navigated through the island’s tiny reef break, it seemed much more dramatic to be led caravan style with officials leading the way. Once on the tiny island, everyone spread out in different directions. Some followed Peter Zika off for a birding tour of the island, while others jumped into the crystal clear waters and enjoyed several hours of snorkeling. The true highlight came when our Zodiacs began the journey back out of the island’s reef encircled lagoon. Cruising back we spotted dozens of green sea turtles gliding through the lagoon’s waters!

While the ship repositioned to another island, we ate lunch and discussed our next plan of attack. Shortly thereafter we were back in the water, this time swimming on the outer ring of the atoll’s reef. For those guests who had been unable to enjoy the last two days worth of water sports, a bequest was presented in the way of the much discussed glass-bottom boat. While snorkelers chased a marbled sting ray, Peter exposed our boating guests to the underwater world of the Indian Ocean.

Afternoon snacks were followed up by a very enthusiastic evening recap hosted by cofounder Jack Grove. As everyone settled in for dinner, the ship turned its sites north back to mainland India!

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