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On Location: News From Overland Adventures

Zegrahm Contributor|March 1, 2008|Blog Post

Because of the remoteness of our overland adventures, we don’t always hear from our field leaders until a trip is almost concluded. So we eagerly await news and are always excited to hear the details. Since so many land expeditions are happening at this time of year, we thought we’d share some of the enthusiasm expressed by our leaders via phone calls and quick emails to our office... Makes us all wish we were there!

from Lex Hes, Expedition Leader

“...As always, this has been a great adventure. And guess what? There was rain at Serra Cafema, Namibia, of all places! We had their entire average ANNUAL rainfall this afternoon! And with three times their average annual rainfall in the past three weeks, it has turned this area into an incredibly beautiful place, almost right before our eyes… the rolling hills are carpeted in lush, bright new green... Quite amazing!"

from Jonathan Rossouw, Expedition Leader

“We’re on the home stretch of our trip... now over-nighting in Kolkata. With 11 tiger sightings under our belt, a pack of Asian Wild Dogs, and three... yes, THREE leopards, everyone is as happy as wild boars in a mud wallow!”

from Mark Brazil, Expedition Leader

"All is well from our spot in Tsurui. We’ve just enjoyed the best ever conditions at our monkey site; there were so many of them, and offered incredible photo opportunities... everyone was thrilled. Plus, there was fabulous deep snow and sunshine... and now it’s snowing here too – lovely!”

“...our first trip out last month was the most successful ever in terms of birds… We sited a whopping 145 species – shattering last year's new record!”

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