Terceira, Azores

On Location: Terceira—An Azores Island to Love

Zegrahm Contributor|April 18, 2008|Blog Post

So far, Terceira is a highlight on our Azores trip! The island has the perfect combination of “island feel” with its colorful pink, red, blue, and bright yellow buildings, and “Euro feel” because of the quaint, cobblestone pedestrian streets and outdoor cafes with umbrellas and wicker chairs—charming! We were able to come alongside which gave everyone the freedom to come and go as they pleased from the ship. We all enjoyed the walking tour and our guides very thoughtfully brought along local maps for everyone. Half the group explored the cultural sights and the rest of us went hiking to an overlook. We then drove to one of the island’s natural wonders—a cave, which is actually a hollow volcano with 227 steps down to its floor.

On a scenic drive it became clear that there were more cows than people on the island; the guides joked that the ratio was two to one! This evening 33 folk performers came on board—a record number—and the lounge was packed. Everyone loved it, and the Captain’s welcome cocktail and dinner was the perfect follow-up act, and a delightful end to a wonderful day.

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