On Location: On Top of the World, Iceland

Zegrahm Contributor|August 5, 2011|Blog Post

We experienced the splendor of Iceland’s Vatnajökull ice cap from two very different perspectives, and with the help of several different means of transportation. At a lagoon littered with icebergs from a calving glacier, we boarded amphibious vehicles called “Ducks” that drove directly into the water, trading their tires for propellers. We soon found ourselves right up next to blue and white sculptures of ice, with the impressive tongue of the Skálafellsjökull glacier looming in the distance.

From there, we traveled a winding dirt road up the mountainside to the ice cap, the third largest in the world. The views to the coastal plain and sea below were incredible and, at the top, we could take either a 4x4 truck with oversized but under-inflated tires, or a snowmobile, out onto the ice itself. The trucks and snowmobiles took off in their respective convoys, heading out across a sloping expanse of white, which glowed brilliantly in the midday sun. At a high point, we disembarked from our chariots to make snow angels, snowmen, and to participate in an impromptu snowball fight, all the while on top of Iceland’s largest field of ice.

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