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Meet the Expert: Mike Murphy

Zegrahm Expeditions|June 22, 2020|Blog Post

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Where are you from and where have you lived?

I’m originally from the UK, and have lived in Canada, the United States, Australia, Seychelles, and Sweden.

 Tell us about yourself—what path led you to becoming a Zegrahm Leader?

I had a 60-foot charter vessel Neptune Spirit in Vancouver from 1979 to 1984. My main client was a Japanese company and their owner was Mr. Wada. Unbeknownst to me, he was one of Lars Eric Lindblad’s best friends. His dream was to be the Japanese ‘Lars Eric’ and he hired me in 1984 to run his first expedition ship MV Yau Wau running four-day trips in the Philippines for Japanese passengers. He passed away not long after hiring me, and one of his last wishes was for Lars to take over his ship and look after his staff. I became assistant Expedition Leader for Lars for the next two years.

 What other jobs, positions or credentials do you have?

I was a Junior Engineer onboard Oriana for two years prior to it becoming a troop transport for the Falklands war. I was a commercial deep diver in the North Sea for 11 years. In addition to being the Expedition Leader on Yau Wau, I was also a Cruise Director on Sea Goddess for three years and worked as an Expedition Leader for Quark, Noble Caledonian and divemaster for Zegrahm for the last 12 years.

What other fields are you passionate about?

Women, dancing and diving, in that order.

Mike Murphy

 Any awards, publications, appearances documentaries etc. do you have?

Not yet, but a blockbuster movie about me will definitely be on the books. Though trying to find a star as handsome, intelligent, beloved, and modest as myself, will be hard to find. 

What excites you (or what do you enjoy) about working for Zegrahm?

Diving in the world’s greatest places and making so many incredible like-minded friends, both staff and guests.

What is your favorite Zegrahm memory?

Too many to choose from, but I will always remember driving in really borderline conditions, making every landing in Pitcairn, (15 to date) and being part of the crew parties Zegrahm always threw on it’s charted ships, and making so many great friends.

What non-for-profits or causes do you support or feel strongly about?

Sea Shepherd and WWF.

What are your top three countries or regions in the world to explore?

The South Pacific, Indonesia, and Atlantic Islands.

What’s left on your explorer’s bucket list/where do you still want to go that you haven’t been yet? Why there?

I would love to visit most of West Africa and its national parks. It is still such an untouched area.

What does being a part of the Zegrahm family mean to you? 

It has been the best 12 years of my life, having made so many great friends.

Who is the Zegrahm Explorer/Traveler? 

Travelers who yearn to find and explore new destinations, to interact with nature and people and to understand how and why we are all linked together in this amazing world. There are so few differences in all of us, we need to be more understanding and recognize that underneath our skins, we are all connected!! Let’s not wait for another pandemic to bring us together, life is too short and too good to be missed.

Anything else you’d like to share with our guests/readers/audience and media?

Live your life like there is no tomorrow, take your car out in the rain, use your best dishes and say “Hi” to everyone

 Pitcairn Island