Neko Harbor, Antarctica

Meet the Expert: T.H. Baughman

January 7, 2021|Blog Post

T.H. Baughman

Where are you from and where have you lived? 

I was born in Ohio, but grew up across the southern states in St. Petersburg, Florida; Ohio, Oklahoma; Maryland, Georgia.

Tell us about yourself—what path led you to become a Zegrahm Leader? 

I was lucky enough to be hired by Zegrahm in 1996 on the basis of my publications in polar history (including Before the Heroes Came: Antarctica in the 1890s and Ice: The Antarctic Diary of Charles F. Passel) and a recommendation from renowned polar scientist and Zegrahm geologist, John Splettstoesser.

What other jobs, positions or credentials do you have?

I received my Ph.D. in History from Florida State University, and I’m currently a professor at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore where I teach European and polar exploration history.

T.H. Baughman

What other fields are you passionate about?

I’m passionate about many topics, though European history and travel hold a special place in my heart.

Any awards, publications, appearances documentaries etc. do you have? 

I have published nine books, with four of them on the topic of polar regions.

What organizations are you a part of? 

I was formerly a Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society and an Explorers Club National Fellow.

What excites you (or what do you enjoy) about working for Zegrahm?

I love the comradery with the rest of the staff. We’re always lucky to have an outstanding group of guests who are used to first-class educational programs on Zegrahm trips.

T.H. Baughman

What is your favorite Zegrahm or IE memory?

Whenever I arrive at the hotel where we meet up before the cruise and I see my colleagues from Zegrahm. It has been said before, but we truly are a family, and each time we get together it’s like a family reunion for us all.

Can you tell us about a time that you were on an expedition that ended up taking an unexpected turn or made an unexpected discovery that took you off the planned trail?

Watching George Lake driving in a gale

What non-for-profits or causes do you support or feel strongly about? 

Medecines sans Frontieres is an organization that is near and dear to me.

What are your top three countries or regions in the world to explore? 

Antarctica, Greenland, Spain

What’s left on your explorer’s bucket list/where do you still want to go that you haven’t been yet? 

25 years ago I had a very long list, but thanks to Zegrahm, I’m down to the last one: the Trans-Siberian Railway.

What does being a part of the Zegrahm family mean to you? 

Being part of the Zegrahm family is something special. The camaraderie and being with my chums is a highlight for me.

Who is the Zegrahm Explorer/Traveler? 

A person who appreciates the Zegrham ethos – we never want to get to the end of the day and say to ourselves we could have done something more.