Bengal Tiger

Meet Siddh Narayan Dwivedi, Our New India National Park Wildlife Guide

Zegrahm Contributor|September 22, 2010|Blog Post

Since 1997, we have made almost yearly trips to both Bandhavgrah and Kanha National Parks in eastern India to seek out the rare Bengal tiger. And while this elusive creature is the star attraction, there is an abundance of other wildlife within the parks that amazes visitors with their beauty and abundance. Yet, due to the overwhelming demand from Westerners to see the tigers, local guides are typically only versed in tiger ecology and have limited knowledge of the park’s slew of other wildlife.

This September through November a local wildlife organization—Travel Operators for Tigers (TOFT)—has set out to change all that. TOFT hand-selected 25 guides from participating national parks to undergo an intensive two-month training to help them provide a more holistic approach to interpreting all the wildlife in the parks and to improve overall communications skills, including their spoken English. Training courses include: Ecotourism, Tourism & Conservation; Enhanced Wildlife and Bird Identification, Animal Behavior: Tracks and Signs, and Ecosystem Classification.

Zegrahm Expeditions is delighted to sponsor one trainee who will in turn be our dedicated wildlife guide for all expeditions in the future. As such, we are pleased to introduce Siddh Narayan Dwivedi.

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