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Michael Moore Earns Rave Reviews

Zegrahm Contributor|August 22, 2016|Blog Post

The reviews are in: Michael Moore has another hit on his hands.

We’re not speaking of the documentary filmmaker, but rather the charismatic naturalist who leads Zegrahm expeditions around the world. Moore’s most recent, an Alaskan overland adventure this past July, earned enthusiastic praise, particularly for his skills in directing the cast of thousands of iconic critters that roam the Great Land. 

“Terrific!” is how Marilyn F. describes the former Alaska resident’s guiding expertise. “Mike was vigilant about locating wildlife that I’m sure we would have missed.”

Kathie. H concurs: “Seeing Mt. Denali was breathtaking; seeing all the wildlife (incredible amount) was wonderful; but the best part of the trip was having Mike Moore with us to point out things we would have otherwise missed.”

Pam C. gives him five stars: “Mike was without a doubt the best guide I have experienced in over 20 trips I have been on.”

The Chicago native—who holds a degree in biology as well as ecology, ethology, and evolution—earned his travel chops while conducting research around the Pacific Rim. For 10 years, Moore lived in the highlands of New Guinea, working for various conservation organizations and teaching at the University of Papua New Guinea. He has since honed his leadership skills on expeditions around the planet.

Beyond Moore’s expertise, guests cite his easy manner and consideration for all actors involved.

“One assumes a guide will be knowledgeable,” says Pam C. “What I didn't expect was the level of sensitivity and caring Mike brought to everyone on the trip… particularly my elderly mom who was having some health issues. He is a true pro.” Kathie H. appreciated how Moore took note of what each person hoped to see, then did his best to make it happen. For her, it was a picture-perfect view of Mt. Denali. She points out one morning around 4 am when the mighty peak was completely visible. “We heard footsteps outside our cabin and then his voice saying, ‘Kathie, Marilyn did you see it?’ He really was a wonderful person to have with us on the trip.”


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