most haunted places in the world

The Most Haunted Places in America & the World

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The Most Haunted Places in America & the World

It’s Halloween! In our travel explorations, we love coming across places that are truly frightening. So, in keeping with the Halloween spirit, we want to share with you some of the most haunted places we could find in the United States and, in no particular order, some of the most haunted places on Earth.

We’re not professional ghost hunters, so we will let you judge whether or not these are real haunted places. We think you will love our list of the eight scariest places in America and the eight scariest places on Earth.

The Top 8 Scariest Places in the World

  • Hoia-Baciu Forest, Romania

The Hoia-Baciu forest has been the site of reported UFO encounters over the years, and this stunningly haunting and beautiful forest certainly feels like another world. It is called “the Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania” and is rumored to have within it a strange portal through which people disappear.

most haunted places in the world

Photo By: Rzuwig on Wikipedia

  • Poveglia Island, Italy

Poveglia Island is a short trip from Venice. This lovely island was, in days past, a quarantine zone for plague victims and an insane asylum in the early 20th century. Ghost hunters love this spot, claiming that it is a site of all kinds of ghost activity.

  • Château de Brissac, Brissac-Quincé, France

This stunning castle is one of the tallest ones in France. It’s noted for being haunted by the “Green Lady,” Princess Charlotte, the daughter of King Charles VII. The story has it that Charlotte was murdered by her husband in retaliation for adultery. She can be heard moaning sadly as she roams the chapel’s tower room.

most haunted place in the world

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  • La Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires, Argentina

La Recoleta Cemetery is a beautiful place, with its thousands of mausoleums, statues, and other marble works. It's also famous for the internment of popular figures from Argentina’s history, such as the legendary Eva Peron. 

La Recoleta’s caretaker, David Alleno, is said to have cared for the cemetery for 30 years before taking his own life. Now, people whisper that you can hear the keys on Alleno’s keyring jingle as he makes his rounds at dawn.

  • Tower of London, England

The famous Tower of London is drenched in blood and legendary British stories. The tower has far too much history to go into here, but one of the most famous ghosts of the tower is Queen Anne Boleyn, the first wife of Henry VIII. She is reputed to wander the grounds of the tower with her head under her arm. Also notable is the legend of the ravens—if ravens ever cease inhabiting the tower of London, the kingdom will fall, says the legend. Indeed, a group of six ravens is kept at the tower as permanent residents. If any place can claim the title, “one of the most haunted places in the world”, this is it.

  • Jazirat Al Hamra, United Arab Emirates

This nearly abandoned town is located between a mall and a water park. It was a busy pearl fishing village until it was mysteriously abandoned in 1968. Djinn (genies) are said to haunt the town in animal form. The pure ghost energy here definitely puts it in the running for “most haunted place on Earth.”

  • Village of Portmeirion, Gwynedd, North Wales

This colorful village is most well known as the set of The Prisoner, the iconic 1960s TV series starred and created by the late Patrick McGowan. While not haunted per se, Portmeirion village is chilling in its cheerfully baroque design. It was originally built by Sir Clough Williams-Ellis, modeled on the Italian fishing village of Portofino. Portmeirion is host to many film and TV productions, as well as music concerts. The Prisoner themed location tours occur daily, and conventions dedicated to the show are held yearly. Be seeing you!

scariest places on earth

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  • Oakley Court Hotel, Windsor, England

Oakley Court is another location made famous in films. It is most well known for the location of Frank N. Furter’s castle from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. You can rent a room in the same mansion where Brad and Janet stayed! We’ll leave the rest to your imagination. The castle has also played host to many other productions.


The Top 8 Most Haunted Places in America

On its own, the United States is full of scary destinations. We’ll be leaving out Mexico and Canada, because, as worthy as they are, they deserve their own lists of scary places. We’re also not numbering them, because no one can really say what the “most haunted place in America” is. So, here are our top 8!

  • The LaLaurie Mansion, New Orleans, Louisiana

The LaLaurie mansion was originally the home of famous New Orleans socialite, Madame Marie Delphine LaLaurie. LaLaurie was forced to flee for France when the bodies of several mutilated slaves were discovered in the attic during a call to the police in response to a kitchen fire. An enraged mob stormed the mansion when word got out, and LaLaurie was forced to escape. The home is privately owned, but local tour operators include a stop outside the storied home, where the alleged cries of LaLaurie’s victims are said to be heard at night. This earns the LaLaurie mansion it’s reputation as one of the most haunted places in America.

most haunted places in america

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  • Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia

Called the very first true penitentiary in the world, Eastern State ran from 1829 until 1971. It was the home of famous inmates such as Al Capone and Willy Sutton (who broke out with several other inmates in 1945.) ESP is more famous for its role in the history of prisons and its radical rehabilitation philosophy than things such as hauntings, but the wagon-wheel layout and “eye of god’ skylight which creates a foreboding atmosphere gives the prison it’s grim reputation. Now, the prison is a museum and cultural exhibit, with historical tours given daily. Even if this isn’t one of the most haunted places in America, its reputation and its long history is indeed haunting.

  •  Lizzie Borden House, Fall River, Massachusetts

The Borden House was the residence of the family of the infamous Lizzie Borden, who is alleged to have murdered her father and stepmother on August 4, 1892. Borden was acquitted of the gruesome ax murders, but interest in the terrifying acts continues to this day. The actual Borden House runs as a bed and breakfast which also gives daily tours. You can even sleep in the bed where the Borden’s breathed their last—if you dare. If any house can claim the title “most haunted house in America”, this one is it.

most haunted place in america

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  • San Remo Hotel, San Francisco, California

The San Remo Hotel is a dormitory-style hotel for budget travelers near Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. It is also reputed to be haunted by the ghosts of prostitutes who worked in the wharf area in the 1890s. Several guests have reported being visited by apparitions such as The Painted Lady, The Little Girl in The Bonnet, and “the murderer.” It does have wireless, however. Sleep there if you dare!  This house certainly qualifies as one of the most haunted places in America.

  • The Devil's Tree, Basking Ridge, NJ

This creepy tree is the source of local legends involving escaped slaves and a farmer who purportedly hung himself after murdering his own family. Another tale relates that those who desecrate or harm the tree are chased by a black pick-up truck that disappears after a point.

  • Moon River Brewery, Savannah, Georgia

This local brewery was once called the Oglethorpe Brewery and before that The City Hotel, a hotel that housed several famous guests before and during the civil war. Closed as General Sherman marched towards Atlanta during the civil war, the place moved between a few hands and is the subject of local ghost tours. It has been featured in shows Ghost Hunters and the Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures.

  • The Cuban Club, Tampa, Florida

Located in Tampa’s historic Ybor district, the Cuban Club is a beautiful structure with colorful imported tile, stained glass, and murals. It served as the home of several local Cuban mutual aid societies. Rumors say that salsa music can be heard playing at night, ghosts echoing the many famous musicians, artists, and politicians who frequented the club.

most haunted place on earth

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  • The Stanley Hotel, Estes, Colorado

We dare you to spend the night in this place. The Stanley Hotel was the location of the filming of Stephen King’s The Shining.  Founded by a wealthy Massachusetts couple, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley supposedly haunt this classic hotel. The ghost of Mrs. Stanley can allegedly be heard playing the Steinway piano late at night. Fun fact—the hotel plays The Shining on a 24-hour loop on a special channel available on all guest TVs. 

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