Northern Gannet

My Wild Ireland

Jim Wilson|August 19, 2020|Blog Post

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Peacock butterfly

Next year Zegrahm will be visiting my homeland here on the Emerald Isle during the Wild Ireland voyage. We often take the wildlife on our doorstep for granted, especially if we get the chance to travel with Zegrahm to far flung, little known places with amazing wildlife. With my movements restricted until ‘the virus’ blows over I have been revisiting the wildlife here on my own doorstep. In my backyard and neighborhood to be exact! Ireland is a small island off the west coast of Europe and since it obeys the general laws of biodiversity, it is not richly endowed with vast numbers of species of any kind. You have to remember Saint Patrick got rid of the snakes so we have none, we have only one lizard species and one frog species. The upside of that is when leading a nature walk here all you have to remember is THE frog and THE lizard.

Common frog

No need for repeatedly thumbing through pages and pages of illustrations in a guide book. Having said that what we lack in quantity we make up for in quality and some of the most beautiful scenery and backdrops for viewing the wildlife that lives on this mostly green rock I call home. I have been very privileged to lead groups on nature walks for Zegrahm here in Ireland and it is always a thrill for me as I get to show off our wildlife which many of us here in Ireland take for granted. Showing people a peacock butterfly, as beautiful as any in the tropics, or a colony of northern gannets creating a spectacle to remember or even THE robin, the feisty but dainty little bird that gave your almost as beautiful thrush in North America its name. Seeing the great reactions of guests experience this wildlife for the first time helps remind me just how special it is. Rest assured, when Zegrahm is back on the ocean wave again in the not-too-distant future I will look forward to showing you these natural wonders too!