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The Nature Conservancy Presents: A Day in the Life of Hawksbill Sea Turtles

Zegrahm Contributor|September 16, 2016|Video

The Nature Conservancy Presents: A Day in the Life of a Baby Sea Turtle

Our friends at The Nature Conservancy were kind enough to share this footage from the Solomon Islands with us. Scurry along the sand with baby hawksbill sea turtles, and learn how The Nature Conservancy and local heroes are protecting these endangered creatures throughout their life cycle. And be sure to note the arrows in the top left corner; you can manipulate the video to follow along in whichever way the turtles scatter!



Hello, I’m a hawksbill sea turtle. The beach you see stretched out before you lies in the Solomon Islands. It is my birthplace, and it is the same place where thousands of my own babies have been, and will be, born. But today, we are Earth’s most endangered sea turtles.

Tiny as we are, each of us must fight for our survival from the moment we hatch. Crabs, seabirds, sharks, and crocodiles all see us as a tasty meal. Yet what’s pushing us to the brink of extinction has nothing to do with the sharp teeth or talons of our natural predators: we’ve been hunted for 25 centuries for our beautiful shells. And, rising sea levels and coastal erosion are destroying our nesting beaches.

But here in the Solomon Islands, there’s hope for us. The Nature Conservancy, and the heroic island villagers they partner with, are protecting the beaches we rely on. Thanks to them, our nests have increased 200%. Now these heroes are using satellite trackers, to learn more about which other beaches and reefs are most critical to our survival, so that they can protect more of them.

With your help, they can make more beaches and reefs safe for us, so we can continue to return for generations to come.

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