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A New Look for Zegrahm Expeditions

Zegrahm Contributor|October 19, 2012|Blog Post

You may have noticed a new look gracing Zegrahm’s website, Facebook page, and fall Traveler’s Guide, among other applications. Several months in the making, we are excited to finally be sharing our new logo with you. Since logos are often “the face” of a company, we thought we’d share with you how we settled on the new look.

When Zegrahm’s six cofounders started the company, they conceived the logo on a napkin over cocktails. The former Z, the world, and E became very well-known, and well-loved, by our loyal traveler community, but often created confusion with new travelers who thought we were called “ZOE.” Dedicated to retaining strong links to the founding of the company, we set out to give the existing world graphic a modern look and feel, plus ensure that our name—Zegrahm Expeditions—was a key element in the design. The end result is a logo that showcases our commitment to endless, in-depth exploration across the globe, while the new blue and green color palette emphasizes our core product offerings of small-ship cruises and overland adventures.

In addition, Zegrahm’s new tagline, “Beyond the Destination,” was generated during a brainstorming session with staff and vetted with several travelers. It speaks to our belief about delivering beyond travelers’ expectations on every single one of our expeditions. As one traveler told us, “Zegrahm always goes above and beyond to provide more adventure, enthusiasm, and especially more fun, beyond what you would expect.”

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