Przewalski's Horses, Mongolia

News: Saving Mongolia’s Wild Horses

Zegrahm Contributor|January 14, 2009|Blog Post

Mongolian wild horses—or Przewalski horses—came dangerously close to extinction due to hunting and competition with domestic stock. Had it not been for a number of individuals that were taken to zoos in various parts of the world, they would have been lost forever. Thanks to the dedicated conservation efforts of the Hustai National Park Trust, Przewalski horses were reintroduced to the park in 1992 and recent figures put the population at nearly 200 horses.

Together with Mark Brazil (an expedition leader on past Mongolia trips), Zegrahm & Eco Expeditions is proud to have played a role in the conservation efforts by sponsoring a Przewalski foal for the last few years. In 2006 we adopted Zegrahm; Eco-1 followed in 2007, and Eco-2 in 2008. We recently received this information and photo from a wildlife biologist working in Hustai National Park.

“Female foal Eco-2 was born on the 23rd of May, 2008. Her father’s name is Bernard and he is one of the strongest stallions in Hustai. The mother’s name is Anu, named after the legendary western Mongolian Queen of the 16th century.”

When the Przewalski population reaches beyond 500 horses, conservationists will have deemed the reintroduction a success. Zegrahm & Eco Expeditions plans to continue supporting the efforts of the Hustai National Park Trust, share information about their work, and encourage travelers to go and see for themselves these magnificent creatures roaming free and wild in Mongolia.

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