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Our Vietnam Team Takes the Gold

Zegrahm Contributor|August 18, 2016|Blog Post

They’ve trained their entire lives for this moment: To lead you on our Vietnam: Culture & Cuisine expedition. The finest in their respective fields, our expert team joins you on a 16-day relay of market tours, museum visits, meetings with locals, and hands-on cooking classes. A few of the competitors:

  • Michael Moore, Team Captain (aka Expedition Leader) — Scored a perfect 10 in likability. The Chicago native qualified after spending a decade in the highlands of New Guinea, conducting research around the Pacific Rim and teaching at the University of PNG.
  • Kathleen Stephens, Stanford Travel/Study Lecturer — Set a world record serving as US ambassador to South Korea under both Bush and Obama administrations. With too many titles to count, Stephens is favored to take the top spot in lecturing about Vietnam and its place in the world today.
  • Kim Jane Saunders, Anthropologist — Medaled in synchronized careers as teacher, writer, lecturer, and consultant on all things Asian. Her training routine includes extensive travel throughout the region and expertise in locally produced textiles and handicrafts.

Click here to learn more about the rest of our all-star team. 

Want to get in the games? Join us on January 31, 2017 for Vietnam: Culture & Cuisine—a 1,000-mile-long journey that includes Hanoi, historic Hoi An, the “forbidden city” of Hue, and mystical Halong Bay.

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