Havana, Cuba

Part 5 - Cuba: A Conversation with Nadia Eckhardt & Rich Pagen

Zegrahm Contributor|September 30, 2016|Video

Cuba Part 5: Nadia & Rich Share Why They're Excited to Return to Cuba

Our conversation with Expedition Leaders Nadia Eckhardt and Rich Pagen comes to a close; watch as they share what they're most looking forward to when returning to Cuba in the next few months. Hint: Rich is ready to relax with a mojito! Thanks for tuning in this week, and be sure to click the links below to catch the entire series! 



Part 1: An Introduction to Zegrahm's Expeditions to Cuba

Part 2: Cuba's Art Scene, Underwater World, and More

Part 3: Cuba's Natural History & Inviting Accommodations

Part 4: Cuba's Friendly Locals, Culture & Currency

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