Portal Point, Antarctic Peninsula

Peak Experiences on the Antarctic Peninsula

Zegrahm Contributor|May 30, 2018|Blog Post

Antarctica is the driest, windiest, chilliest place on the planet—and one of today’s hottest destinations. The International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators estimates that nearly 45,000 travelers will visit the White Continent this year, although fewer than a quarter of them will actually set foot on land. Opportunities to hike along its icy shores are just one reason our upcoming journey to the polar region leaves our competitors out in the cold. We’ve been leading expedition cruises there for more than 25 years; we use that knowledge and experience—and that of our incredible expedition staff—to create the most comprehensive Antarctic expedition for 2018.

Here, an iceberg-to-iceberg comparison:

Expedition Company A
Expedition Company B
Expedition Company C
Number of Guests
Length of Cruise / Number of Days Exploring Antarctica
14 / 5
14 / 5
11 / 3
15 / 2
Crystal Sound / Crossing the Antarctic Circle
Join the elite group of explorers to cross the 66º33'39" south latitude line
Detaille Island
Visit an abandoned British survey base
Pleneau Island
Cruise via Zodiac through this labryinth of sculpted icebergs
Lemaire Channel
View leopard and crabeater seals—and possibly even minke whales!—in this remote, scenic strait
Vernadsky Research Base
Meet the scientists manning this Ukrainian-operated research base

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