Polynesia 360 - Our Expedition Team Tells All

Zegrahm Contributor|June 29, 2017|Blog Post

We’ve been traveling to the South Pacific for 20 years, and in that time, we have honed two spectacular itineraries! From the island of Fiji and the Kingdom of Tonga on Faces of Polynesia to the Tuamotu, Marquesas, and Pitcairn Islands on Tahiti to Easter Island, we aim to provide a 360° view of this tropical paradise. Whether taken separately or in combination, enjoy snorkeling and diving options nearly every day, plus friendly welcomes from local islanders; even our expedition staff can’t wait to explore this stunning region later this year:


Mike Messick, Zegrahm Cofounder & Expedition Leader

Mike Messick "Many of the islands we visit were given their name by explorers such as Captain James Cook and Samuel Wallis, and their explorations live on in books and adventure stories. Every day will be like turning the pages of one of their historic tomes as you witness verdant volcanoes, tiny islands of waving palm trees, vast internal lagoons, reefs teeming with brilliant-colored fish, glistening white-sand beaches, and ancient Polynesian rituals.”  




Lynne Greig, Cruise Director

Lynne Greig “The Palmerston visit is unique and always such a fun visit! This tiny community of around 50 rarely receives visitors and their genuine warmth and friendliness is infectious. Their greeting is ‘have a seat’ and I especially love interacting with the children, who are always anxious to hold your hand and show you around their homes and community.”





Brad Climpson, Marine Biologist
Brad Climpson

“The water quality in Polynesia is outrageous! Little effects from humans, plus small land area, means few rivers and little outwash from the terrestrial environment. This all leads to incredible water clarity. Clear water means great visibility for us and great news for the coral, as the light can penetrate deeper and the coral can colonize more surface area. Win-win, especially with the chance to get wet nearly every day!”




Brent Stephenson, Ornithologist
Brent Stephenson

“While there’s loads of fantastic birding on both of these voyages, particularly seabirds, I am most excited to visit the Pitcairn Group, including Henderson Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is home to FOUR endemic land birds—the Henderson fruit dove, Stephen’s lorikeet, Henderson reed warbler, and Henderson crake! There is a back-story to this, but you will need to come on the trip to find it out!”




Join us on one—or both!—of these expeditions for your own 360° view of Polynesia:

Faces of Polynesia: Fiji to Tahiti

Tahiti to Easter Island: Tuamotus, Marquesas & Pitcairns

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