Polynesian Girls

Putting Names to Faces

Zegrahm Contributor|January 3, 2017|Blog Post

When you’re considering an exotic expedition halfway around the world, it helps to hear firsthand accounts from fellow intrepid travelers. So for our upcoming Faces of Polynesia expedition, we reached out to Zegrahm guests who have joined us in the region on previous journeys.

For those wondering if you’ll find enough thrills on this 17-day voyage from Fiji to Tahiti, past adventurers Barb D. and Clive M. relieved any concerns: “There was a greater sense of adventure and risk-taking on this trip than most we have participated in previously.”

Liz J. called it “…exploration in the truest sense: physical, geographical, intellectual. It was, quite simply, amazing.” Susan L. exclaimed, “I came home with fond memories, new friends, and a smile on my face.”

“Once again, Zegrahm lived up to my (now expected) perfect travel adventure,” said repeat guest Tess W. She described the expedition team as the “absolute best,” and said that Expedition Leader Mike Messick and Cruise Director Lynne Greig “…should be given something extra for executing another fantastic, easy-going, well-managed, fun trip.”  

Indeed, the entire Faces of Polynesia team earned rave reviews. “All the staff went above and beyond the call of duty to be helpful and friendly,” said Maria C. and Louis R. They gave a special shout out to naturalist Rich Pagen, who “…combined his knowledge with a clever and witty sense of humor.”

Renata G. and Donald F. noted that the Zodiac drivers “…performed miracles tackling major waves,” and thanked divemasters Mike Murphy and Brad Climpson for assuring exceptional diving opportunities. Fred B. said assistant expedition leader Michael Moore “…deserves to be made a partner for his outstanding efforts in everything from Zodiac driving to photography; Lynne did an amazing job … and Annette’s scientific details were excellent.” Fred, who admits to traveling with other expedition companies, readily enthused: “I try to get everyone I know to travel with Zegrahm.”

Former guest Stef W., however,did have one regret: “We were often torn between the different expedition options. Snorkel? Bird? Hike about? How about all three? It is an unfortunate reality that so many wonderful things were going on simultaneously—definitely a good problem to have.”

For more information, visit Faces of Polynesia: Fiji to Tahiti.  


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