Ushuaia, Argentina

Reciprocity Fee for Entering Argentina

Zegrahm Office|December 15, 2015|Blog Post

Most of Zegrahm's adventures in the southernmost realm begin in Ushuaia, Argentina. It's important to note that there is a “reciprocity” fee that applies to all US, Canadian, and Australian nationals entering Argentina, and that a one-time payment of $160.00 must be paid in US dollars by credit card ONLINE before you arrive in Argentina. Once paid, you must print out the receipt and present it to the Argentine immigration officer at the time of entry. The fee is valid for ten years from the date of payment and multiple entries.


To pay the reciprocity fee, please visit the following website: sends e-mail)

You must make this payment online before arriving in Argentina, as it is the only way to comply with this requirement.
2Register and fill out the form with your personal data and credit card information (Visa, American Express, or Master Card are accepted). The National Directorate of Immigration in Argentina will receive this information electronically.
3Print the receipt. This receipt will be valid immediately, as soon as payment is made. A copy of the receipt is also automatically sent to your email account. In case you do not find it in the Inbox, please check the Spam as well.
4Upon arrival in Argentina, this receipt must be presented to immigration officers.
5The receipt will be scanned by the immigration control officers, who will verify the data and authorize entry to Argentina.
6The fee is valid for 10 years from the date of payment, and for multiple entries for US citizens.
7If you require further information, please send an email to sends e-mail) or call BApro pagos help desk: + 54 (11) 5080-3030 Mon-Fri from 9 AM to 9 PM EST.

The receipt should be kept as proof of payment, as it allows future entries into Argentina without incurring the charge again. You might be asked to show your receipt at the airport when departing the country at the end of the program. For American and Canadian nationals only, it is valid for the life of the passport. Those who paid the reciprocity charge on a prior flight to Argentina using their current passport should also bring their receipts, as this will allow entry without repayment.

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