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Sea to Sahara: A Brand-New Small-Ship Cruise Expedition

Zegrahm Contributor|August 29, 2017|Video

Sea to Sahara: A Brand-New Small-Ship Expedition Cruise

Watch as Director of Operations Jon Nicholson and Cruise Director Kelsey Simmons, talk about our brand-new expedition, Sea to Sahara, that explores Cape Verde, the Sahara Desert, the Canary Islands, and Morocco.



Jon Nicholson, Director of Operations: The Sea to Sahara trip is all about diversity, natural history, culture, and visiting places that probably, most of our guests have not been to. I think the number one thing that is interesting is that you get a taste of a lot of cultures—you get the Portuguese influence in the Cape Verde Islands, and you move on to Western Sahara and have a very classic African experience. You move onto the Canary Islands and have Spanish influence, and you move on to Morocco and have a very Arab/Middle Eastern experience. The diversity of what you get to see, culturally, is there, as well as geographically from the volcanic desert islands to rainforests and lush islands, to the Sahara Desert. Diversity would be what I would say this itinerary is all about. 

Kelsey Simmons, Cruise Director: This expedition is going to be exciting for people because you’re going to visit Spain, Portugal, and Africa, and then within all of that, you’ll have lots of options. You’ll be going birding, you’ll get to see lots of varied landscapes, and we’ll have lots of cultural visits. This trip is going to be great because we’re on the perfect ship, and we have an excellent expedition team put together. We all have a lot of fun together, and we have a lot fun with the guests, as well. We’re really excited for our Sea to Sahara voyage, and we hope to see you there! 

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