Uganda: A Primate Paradise

Seeing the Uganda Gorillas Up Close

Zegrahm Guests, Dick & Betty Podol|June 7, 2012|Blog Post

Last June we joined Zegrahm for a return visit to Uganda—having lived there from 1986-1989. Since that time Dick had had two hip replacements and we knew he would NOT be able to join Betty on the trek through the hills and forests—this was their third visit to the mountain gorillas. BUT thanks to our guide, Larry Weiss, Dick was able to be carried down the steep mountain and then back up. Larry knew how much it meant for us to see the gorillas again and went out of his way to find a solution. 14 men alternated carrying Dick in the sedan chair. What a sight!!! Then once down the mountain three men helped him to where the family of gorillas were located. The smiles on our faces after we returned to the top of the mountain were "priceless". Again, thanks Larry.

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