What to pack for Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: What to Pack

Zegrahm Contributor|April 1, 2018|Blog Post

You’re traveling in the company of renowned wildlife expert, Mark Brazil, in one of the most photogenic places on Earth—Sri Lanka. It only makes sense to leave home with the ultimate in photographic gear. What to bring to capture the abundant wildlife of Yala National Park, the monumental ruins of Polonnaruwa, and the blue whales off the southern coast of this “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”? A few suggestions to get you on your way:

What to pack for Sri Lanka

EVF Camera

National Geographic photographers generally prefer full-frame digital cameras with fast zoom lenses that work in almost any environment and on a multitude of subjects. However, this equipment can get heavy and expensive in a hurry. Enter Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) Cameras, such as the Fujifilm X-T1, which feel every bit that of a professional’s camera, yet with a lower price tag and smaller real estate in your suitcase. Check out the classic styling of the X-T1, with one of the best EVFs on the market, a quick autofocus, easy image review, and impressive successive image rate. Leave the larger DSLR at home!

A Versatile Lens

Since you’ll like be exploring everything from rainforests to temples, taking photographs of small villages and elusive wildlife, your kit should ideally contain an 18-200mm lens, as well as a wide-angle lens for panoramas.

Fantastic Camera Luggage

Treat your photographic equipment to some high-quality luggage like the Et-Cetera cases, one of the best options for organization of your cameras, cables, and accessories. They come in three sizes, so you can decide which will work the best depending on the intensity of your travel photography plans. Also look into Lowepro and Think Tank, which are rated as durable and weather resistant.

Lens Cleaning Kit

As unsexy as it seems, don’t forget this in your kit—dirt happens when you’re adventuring and you’ll want to keep little specks of it out of your photographic gear as much as possible.

Etc., Etc.

Memory cards, spare batteries, back-up drives, lens covers, chargers and power adapters for foreign travel. Check, check and check!

A Compact Camera:

Bring along your more expensive, tricked-out DSLR or EVF camera (see above!), yes, but also consider a compact camera for impromptu situations or short trips out in the city or a busy market, where you don’t want to risk your camera getting stolen. Plus, the small size would come in handy!

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