Kitava Island, Trobriand Islands

Start Planning for 2013

Zegrahm Contributor|December 30, 2011|Blog Post

Last year Zegrahm was excited to introduce several new 2012 expeditions that explore the southern coast of Africa, the first of which departs in less than two months. These voyages have been wildly popular with our travelers and we are very much looking forward to reading the trip reports once they return. With that in mind, we crafted our 2013 calendar to feature the tried-and-true Zegrahm favorites that have been equally popular in years past. As such, our expanded fleet of ships will primarily circle the Pacific Rim, spending time on each continent bathed by this vast ocean, while our land programs will expand the globe even further (thanks, in part, to help from our friends at sister companies, Travcoa and TCS & Starquest Expeditions).

Here is a preview of what’s on tap for 2013: After completing her stint in the Indian Ocean, the Clipper Odyssey will head south in search of the swaying palms, diverse cultures, and warm welcomes that have made Indonesia and the South Pacific must-see destinations for Zegrahm travelers over the years. With a Vietnam and Cambodia expedition tucked in between, the Clipper Odyssey will make the rounds to all the major islands of Indonesia, including a Circumnavigation of Sumatra, a visit to Borneo, Sulawesi, and Bali, and two voyages, that can be combined, that explore Sulawesi and Bali, plus snorkeling and diving in Raja Ampat and visits to several Asmat villages that can only be described as the Best of Indonesia. From there, the Faces of Melanesia welcome us to the South Pacific followed by a voyage through Melanesia and Micronesia for a healthy dose of traditional island culture, WWII history, and excellent snorkeling and diving. The Clipper Odyssey’s finale in the Pacific will be two weeks exploring the sacred Treasures of Japan and South Korea.

In July, the Caledonian Sky explores the wild (and wildlife-rich) side of Alaska on a journey that visits the remote Pribilof and Aleutian Islands with plenty of opportunities to view the region’s iconic wildlife, especially the endearing families of brown bears. We will then cruise along the northeastern Ring of Fire calling on the Best of the Russian Far East—meet nomadic reindeer herders, discover island outposts steeped in WWII history, admire unimaginable numbers of seabirds, and more. Later in the year, the Caledonian Sky will explore Australia’s remote Kimberley, one of the most sought-after destinations as determined by our travelers, along with Tasmania, New Zealand, and the Sub-Antarctic Islands. And, travelers take note: Zegrahm is one of a small number of operators allowed to travel to the far-flung, ecologically-fragile islands of Macquarie, Campbell, Enderby, Auckland, and Snares.

Several other ships join the ranks in 2013 to help us round out our calendar. The Island Sky shows travelers the Rainforests and Reefs of Belize, Honduras, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Panama in March; the highlights of the Baltic and Black Sea in July and September; and, due to the popularity of our 2012 expedition, will be Tracing the West Coast of Africa in November. The Clipper Adventurer, of course, makes her annual visit to the southernmost realm visiting Antarctica, South Georgia, and the Falkland Islands in addition to tracing the West Coast of South America in epic fashion. And, last but not least, the Isabela II takes 40 lucky travelers on an expedition through the Galápagos Islands in the company of Zegrahm cofounder, Jack Grove. Also, stay tuned for details on one expedition that has just been added to the drawing board: Iceland and Greenland.

And, if that’s not enough, we are pleased to present a grand line-up of land programs, catering to just 12-24 travelers each. In addition to Myanmar and Laos, Japan, Bhutan, Mongolia, Brazil, Madagascar, India, and several safaris in Africa with Lex Hes, we have two new land programs. In March, Zegrahm field director, Kevin Clement, will take travelers to explore the rugged natural beauty of Samiland in northern Scandinavia, while Mark Brazil seeks out endemic wildlife in Western India’s national parks.

We will also be partnering with our sister company, Travcoa, on three unique journeys in 2013. First, a 14-day expedition to one of the most isolated nations in the world: North Korea. Here, get a first-hand glimpse into the lives of the people with privatelyguided visits to a middle school, the largest library in North Korea, and an art studio where most of the country’s public art is fabricated. We’ll also venture down the Ancient Silk Road on an expedition to China, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan, and take travelers on a Grand Safari through Kenya and Tanzania.

Finally, in collaboration with TCS & Starquest Expeditions, we are excited to offer a private jet tour of History’s Lost Cities in which we will touch down in Uzbekistan, Mongolia, China, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, India, and Jordan.

We hope you are as excited as we are about 2013! Let us know if any of these expeditions are of interest to you on the enclosed reply card and you’ll be the first to know when the itineraries are released.