Is There a Best Time to Visit Botswana?

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Botswana offers one of Africa’s greatest safari experiences, as wildlife viewing is good year-round. Really, the best time to visit simply depends on your interests. In general, there are two main seasons—the Dry Season and the Wet, or Green, Season. Below, find out the differences between the two, and be sure to read on for more details regarding specific months. And, be sure to visit our Botswana page to find out when we go!

Dry Season: May to October

  • Animals are easy to spot with less vegetation and dwindling water sources.
  • The Okavango is flooded from June to October, which offers the unique opportunity to explore by boat.
  • There’s very little rain, clear blue skies, and hardly any mosquitos.
  • Parks can be a bit more crowded, especially Chobe National Park.
  • Temperatures can get chilly when the sun goes down, hitting the low 40sºF.


Wet or “Green” Season: November to April

  • Though it is called the Wet Season, rains usually consist of short afternoon showers.
  • Landscapes are lush with vegetation and colorful flowers.
  • You will see lots of newborn animals and migratory birds.
  • As this is the low season, be prepared that not all camps are open.



Game viewing is heading to the mid-year peak as the rains ease and animals return to more accessible Dry Season areas. Vegetation is still thick and green and while temperatures can be high, they are not as intense as earlier in the year.

April / May

Arguably the best months to visit Botswana—expect an afternoon shower or two, with most days warm and the nights cool, as the rain disappears for the next four months. The landscape is still green but seasonal waterholes are rapidly drying up and animals are arriving at permanent water sources like the Chobe River, Okavango Delta, and Moremi Game Reserve. Poised just before peak season, you'll get all the classic destinations but with fewer other visitors compared to the next few months. Join us on Signature Botswana!

June / July

Behind Botswana's flawless blue winter skies lies a surprise—it's cold! Days are still warm, but night time temperatures can dip below freezing and you'll be wrapped up in blankets on your early morning game drives. There is no rain (it can get very dusty), few mosquitoes, and with little vegetation and dwindling water sources, the game viewing is sensational. The Moremi and the Okavango Delta are in full flood and deliver great game viewing.


Temperatures are on the increase as are visitor numbers; but so are concentrations of game. The thinned-out vegetation no longer hides everything, seasonal waterholes are empty, and great herds of antelope, elephants, and buffalo begin to crowd the banks of rivers and permanent waterholes while Botswana's big predators stake them out.

September / October

Despite being at the end of Botswana's cool dry winter, September and October deliver some of the hottest weather of the year and an occasional thunderstorm. It's classic Dry Season—baked and leaf-stripped landscapes; stifling days and sultry nights; and bright sunshine. If you can handle the heat, game viewing at this time ranks among the best in Africa. Huge numbers of animals and their ever-attendant predators are clustered around meager water and grazing sources.

November - February

These early months of the year can be very wet. Rumbling afternoon downpours soak the country while the wildlife is either hidden in thick vegetation or wanders off into the remote back country. It's also hot and can be quite humid. Nevertheless, you can still have a wonderful safari experience during this time. Many antelope give birth (great for predators), migrations are in full swing, and the bird watching is sensational. Join us on Southern Africa's Diversity: Namibia, Botswana & Zambia!

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