Scarlet Macaws, Costa Rica

Top Birds of Rainforests & Reefs

Zegrahm Contributor|August 30, 2013|Blog Post

Our Rainforests & Reefs expedition explores Belize, Honduras, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Panama. Costa Rica alone has over 750 bird species, and all countries have an incredible array of wildlife. Here are some of the bird species to keep an eye out for:

  • You may come across the beautiful, colorful scarlet macaw in Costa Rica, though it's also the national bird of Honduras. Their plumage is mostly scarlet, but blues, yellows, and greens are often mixed in.
  • In Panama, look for the red-legged honeycreeper; this songbird was likely introduced in Cuba, but has since been found in southern Mexico, Peru, and Bolivia.
  • A highlight of your time on Colombia's Isla de Providencia is the possibility of observing the endemic Providencia vireo or a close-up view of a mangrove cuckoo. You can also walk around the mangroves of Santa Catalina Island to encounter white-crowned pigeons and, with luck, a nesting green-breasted mango.
  • In Honduras, walk through a mixed forest of native oak and pine for opportunities to encounter Yucatan vireos, brown-crested flycatchers, and Caribbean specialties such as white-crowned pigeons, gray hawks, and roadside hawks.
  • In Belize, you may see an anhinga which in the Brazilian Tupi language, means snake bird. Anhingas often swim with only their neck above the water, often appearing as a snake, ready to strike.

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