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Top Reasons to Travel to Antarctica with Zegrahm Expeditions

Zegrahm Contributor|February 28, 2017|Blog Post

Only a few adventure travel companies voyage to the Antarctic and even fewer still do it very well. Zegrahm Expeditions has lead expeditionary cruises to the Antarctic for over 25 years and offers an unparalleled experience that many our guests rave about to this day. Here are but some of the top reasons why traveling with Zegrahm Expeditions to the Antarctic is an ideal choice for the adventure traveler:

  1. What’s Included – In a word: everything! Meals; beer, wine, and soft drinks with lunch and dinner; excursions; lectures; and gratuities; along with medical and emergency evacuation insurance, are all included in the price of the trip.
  2. See the Light – Our Antarctica expeditions are ideally timed during the height of the austral summer and present unparalleled opportunities to explore, nearly 24 hours per day.
  3. Our Ship - We charter expedition vessels that are comfortable and safe, offerin fine dining, outside staterooms with en suite facilities, and is equipped with stabilizers and an ice-hardened hull.
  4. Complimentary Parka – Custom-designed by our experienced team of field leaders, this insulated, water-proof, hooded 3-in-1 parka will serve you well as you explore the world’s southernmost realm.
  5. Responsible Tourism – Zegrahm is a founding member of the International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators (IAATO) which promotes safe and environmentally responsible travel to the Antarctic.
  6. Explore by Zodiac, by Kayak and On Foot – Most big cruise ships do not offer landings on the Great White Continent itself, but our fleet of Zodiacs provides the ability to explore at a moment’s notice and allows everyone to go ashore at the same time. Or, enjoy a unique perspective as you explore by kayak!
  7. Antarctica PLUS – When traveling literally to the ends of the Earth, you shouldn’t miss out on all that the region has to offer; with Zegrahm Expeditions you also get to see the abundant wildlife of South Georgia Island, the Falkland Islands, and Shackleton’s Elephant Island.
  8. Optional Extensions – If you’re craving more than just Antarctica, join our pre-voyage extension to Patagonia and Torres del Paine; our optional extension offers travelers the chance to expand their horizons beyond our itinerary.
  9. Over 25 Years of Experience – For over 25 years, Zegrahm has embarked on over 50 expeditions to the Polar Regions so our travelers can rest assured knowing they are truly traveling with the best of the best in the industry.
  10. Expert Leaders – At Zegrahm Expeditions we’re known for our expert leaders, and our journeys to Antarctica are no exception. Our expedition team—comprised of naturalists, historians, geologists, and more—have traveled to the region more than 250 times combined and lend great insight into each and every aspect of the trip.

Interested in traveling to Antarctica now? Be sure to check out Antarctica: The Ultimate Travel Guide.


Zegrahm Expeditions is traveling to the Antarctic twice in early 2018; view our expedition pages for Antarctica, South Georgia & the Falkand Islands and
Across the Antarctic Circle: Voyage to the 7th Continent for more information.

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