Canal to Cuba with Panama, Costa Rica & Colombia

Top Reasons to Travel to Central America with Zegrahm Expeditions

Zegrahm Contributor|April 26, 2017|Blog Post

When contemplating a cruise to Central America, there are a lot of options to choose from. With a seemingly endless variety of ships, itineraries, and activities, how you want to travel and the experiences you’d like to have are the most important factors to consider. At Zegrahm, we believe that travel should be transformative, inspiring, and enriching; read on to discover what sets our upcoming Canal to Cuba expedition apart from the rest:


The Road Less Traveled

No other cruise company is offering this unique itinerary that calls at a variety of fascinating destinations well off the standard cruising route—Colombia’s Isla de Providencia, and Cuba’s Isla de la Juventud among them.

Details, Details

Zegrahm has been operating expeditions throughout this region for the last two decades; we have honed this itinerary to include the best of the best! We know the ideal destinations to explore, as well as the best time to visit.

Small Ship, Intimate Trip

The 104-guest Hebridean Sky offers all of the amenities of a larger ship—spacious public spaces, gourmet meals, and well-appointed, all ocean-view staterooms— while her small size allows you to get to know your fellow travelers and access small ports and tiny islands that larger ships simply can’t go.  

The Dream Team

For each expedition, Zegrahm assembles a team of expert leaders and regional specialists to help you gain a deeper understanding of the wonders you will witness. Spot exotic birds along a forest trail in the company of ornithologist, Brent Stephenson; snorkel or dive (in both the Pacific and Caribbean) alongside marine biologists, Brad Climpson and Jack Grove; and contemplate karst outcroppings with geologist, John Buchanan. Not only are our leaders fonts of knowledge, they are friendly, personable, and just plain fun to be around.

Crossing Off Your Bucket List

Navigating the mighty Panama Canal is definitely a bucket list item! Zegrahm offers an all daylight transit, and traveling aboard a smaller ship allows for an up-close look at the massive scale and moving parts of this engineering marvel.

Authentic Experiences

You likely won’t see anyone but your fellow travelers on the majority of tours as you visit with tribal elders and curious kids in Panama’s Darién Province and discover the pristine reefs and infamous history of Isla Coiba, soak in the laidback Caribbean vibe of Colombia’s Isla de Providencia, and search for unique wildlife on Cuba’s Maria La Gorda.

Speaking of Cuba...

Cuba is a hot destination right now, and while Havana’s certainly a highlight, there’s so much more to see! On this voyage you’ll spend four full days discovering some of Cuba’s hidden gems, from the gorgeous colonial architecture of Ceinfuegos, to the white-sand beaches and world-class reefs of Isla de la Juventud.


All of this is not to mention—once you land in Panama City, you won’t have to take your wallet out again! We cover all gratuities, transportation, meals (including beer and wine with lunch and dinner), daily activity options (snorkeling, diving, Zodiac cruises, nature walks, museum visits, etc.), and more. 


Join us on our adventure through Central America! For more information, visit Canal to Cuba

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