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Top Ten Reasons to Travel to India by Small Ship

Zegrahm Contributor|April 25, 2015|Blog Post

India has captivated travelers for centuries, but venturing to this cultural melting-pot can be a logistical challenge on your own. Zegrahm Expeditions believes the best way for explorers to immerse themselves in this diverse country—and with minimal distractions and inconveniences—is by small ship. Here are 10 reasons why:

  • See it all—from bustling cities and sleepy fishing villages to gilded temples and lush jungle retreats, and everything in between.
  • Beat the heat: the air-conditioned 100-guest Island Sky allows you to travel from port to port in the utmost comfort and bypass long, steamy drives to get to your next destination.
  • Once aboard the Island Sky, unpack one time and enjoy top rate accommodations throughout the duration of your voyage.
  • Enjoy Continental cuisine prepared by the Island Sky’s expertly-trained chef and staff.
  • Soak in the coastal sights as you make your way from port to port; a view of India often unseen by most tourists.
  • Choose from several shore excursions each day—all of which are complimentary to you!
  • Enjoy the ease of traveling with a company that has vast experience in this region of the world to help you best maximize your time and vacation dollars.
  • Travel in the company of expert leaders and local guides who add valuable insight to both the cultural and natural riches you will encounter.
  • A medical doctor will be onboard the Island Sky should you need assistance at any time.
  • From flight reservations and tour schedules to gratuities and hotel accommodations, Zegrahm takes care of all the details and makes traveling to India a breeze.

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