Kimberley, Australia

You're Invited: Australia's Kimberley

Zegrahm Contributor|July 12, 2016|Video

You're Invited - Join Expedition Leader, Brad Climpson, in the Kimberley!

Meet Brad Climpson, Expedition Leader for our signature 15-day adventure to Australia's Kimberley. Brad was born in Sydney, Australia and has lived for the last 20 years on the edge of the Great Barrier Reef. Watch Brad explain what makes the Kimberley so special, from the 1.8-billion year old rocks and the stunningly turquoise waters, to short-eared rock wallabies, crocodiles, and more.



Hi, I’m Brad Climpson and next April we’ll be going to the northwestern part of Australia to an area called, Kimberley. The first time I went to the Kimberley was in 1999, and I’ve been trying to get back as much as possible ever since. It is truly one of the last wild frontiers on the planet, there is nothing like it anywhere else on this planet. It is a must-do; if you have a bucket list, you need to tick this one off, this should be high on that bucket list.

I’ll be the Expedition Leader next year; as I say, I’ve been going there since ’99, so myself and the team that will be there have a wealth of knowledge in the area. All of us have been going there for many, many years, we’ve had incredible encounters with the local aboriginal tribes, the Wandjina tribes come on board the ship. We also go ashore and see some of their traditional lands, they teach us and let us know all about the area. We’ll see 1.8 billion-year-old sandstone cliffs, some of the oldest rocks anywhere on the planet; we’ll see amazing, beautiful blue water, turquoise water; beautiful scenery ever day; we’ll travel up river systems, we’ll be looking for things like crocodiles and short-eared rock wallabies and all the raptors that are flying around like white-bellied sea eagles and brahminy kites. Every day is an incredible adventure in the Kimberley, there’s nothing like it on the planet.

You’ll be going to a reef system that is 400 square meters in size; it basically comes out of the ocean completely on a low tide, so this thing that is covered by six meters of water will come four meters out of the water, due to the fact the tidal range of the area is over 10 meters on every tide. This is what you experience in the Kimberley—an incredible, incredible array of different events every single day. Come along, join us in the Kimberley! It’s an amazing place, April 2017, be there.

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