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You're Invited: Botswana

Zegrahm Contributor|April 14, 2021|Video

You're Invited: Botswana

Watch as Zegrahm Expedition Leader, Chris Stamper, walks you through our adventures in Botswana. All images and video were captured on one of our previous trips to this beautiful country. Find out more and book your spot on our Signature Botswana trip led by Chris Stamper, departing on September 21, 2021. 



Chris Stamper, Expedition Leader: We're in Botswana at the moment, on the Zegrahm Expeditions' Signature Botswana trip. Hi, I'm Chris Stamper and I'm an Expedition Leader for Zegrahm Expeditions, and I've been leading expeditions and working in the bush of Africa for the last 17 years. The trip encompasses three amazing and iconic areas in Botswana. The first is the Kalahari Desert. The second is the Okavango Delta. And the third is the Linyanti Ecosystem in the north. The Kalahari Desert is a very dry part of Botswana that receives very little rain. But after the rainy season each year, there is a sea of beautiful golden grass interspersed with acacia trees. And the animals that live there have adapted to living in these dry, harsh, and sometimes waterless conditions. The Okavango Delta is an inward flowing delta. Most of the water gets evaporated by the harsh suns of Botswana and the rest flows into the Kalahari sands, making it one of the few deltas of its kind in the world. The Okavango Delta is an oasis for animals, big and small, that flock to the area for the abundance of water and green foliage. From the largest mammals in Africa like the elephant, the hippopotamus, and the giraffe to a myriad of different antelope species, such as the red lechwe, impala, tsessebe, kudu, and many more. And then of course, the predators that prey on them; like the lions, the wild dog, the hyena, leopard, and cheetah. Not to mention the huge abundance of birdlife that is drawn to the area and its watery canals. The Linyanti Ecosystem is situated in the far north of the country, close to the borders of Namibia and Zimbabwe. Here, the Kwando River and the Linyanti swamps converge to make a very unique habitat. One where there is swampy areas. Another area where there are beautiful woodlands and a massive open flood plane, which attracts hordes of game, such as zebra, wildebeest, and some of the rarer antelope like the sable and the roan antelope. We are really excited for the upcoming trips to Botswana just like this one in years to come. So please join me for another Signature Botswana trip by Zegrahm Expeditions. 

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