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You're Invited: Intriguing Indochina

Jan Wheatley|May 15, 2019|Blog Post

Dear Adventurer,

I’d like to invite you to embark on a memorable journey with me this fall. Intriguing Indochina—one of Travcoa’s classic journeys—is being offered November 2, 2019 before being rested for the next few years. This popular itinerary has thrilled hundreds of travelers, offering some of the most incredible sights in all of the world. It would be my sincere pleasure to guide and share one of the world’s most special destinations with you before it changes forever!

Indochina is home to some of the most ancient and culturally rich civilizations in the world. With the rapid development of the tourism industry, people have come from around the world to visit the beautiful landscapes and discover the mysterious culture that has intrigued adventurers for centuries.

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A destination that evokes images of famed historical sites, beautiful beaches, and stunning landscapes, Indochina should be a destination on everyone’s bucket list. Here are just a few highlights that make it one of the world’s most appealing, exciting, and unique destinations:

Culture and History: Having been the stomping ground of some of the world’s oldest civilizations— from the Angkor to the Khmer and the Champ—this area is sprinkled with the fascinating historical sites, structures, and relics these ancient societies left behind. You can visit the pagodas of Luang Prabang, explore the ruins of Angkor Wat, or gaze at the region’s thousands of perfectly maintained ancient temples.

This area also has a rich modern history that is worth exploring. In the 20th century alone, this region experienced the Vietnam War, the terror of the Khmer Rouge, and the bombing of Laos. The constantly changing situation in modern day Thailand, which is still adjusting to the incredibly high tourist demand of recent years, also shows that history is an ongoing process and cities can change nearly before your eyes.


Culturally, Southeast Asia is far too vivid and diverse to summarize in a brief description. There are scores of different customs, traditions, beliefs, languages, lifestyles, and fashions to throw yourself into and explore, all within a relatively small geographic area. Many cultures within Southeast Asia do their best to maintain historical rituals even while modernity slowly takes its hold, so finding opportunities to learn about the culture first-hand is rarely difficult.

People: Perhaps the single most memorable part of a visit to Indochina is the wonderful, smiling, open, and happy people you encounter. Though many of these countries have gone through hard times in modern years, there is a strong feeling of optimism, along with a desire to look forward to the future. Most visitors who spend a significant amount of time here will have at least one moving story of being invited to dinner during the Tet Festival in Vietnam, taking part in a Laotian wedding reception, or maybe just a really interesting conversation with a tuk tuk driver in Cambodia or Bangkok.


Food: The local cuisine is some of the best in the world. From street snacks in Bangkok to Vietnamese Pho and Cambodian Kampot pepper crab, there is a lifetime’s worth of deliciousness to sample! Nowhere else can you find fare that compares to the diverse, vibrant, colorful, and flavorful food found here.

An alluring journey that takes you from modern day events to ancient historic sights, Intriguing Indochina is a kaleidoscope of adventure every day. From the bright lights and bustle of Bangkok to the verdant hillsides surrounding the ancient northern city of Chiang Mai, Thailand is a wondrous introduction to the charms of Southeast Asia. Opulent shrines and temples, flower-festooned floating markets, seductive street food stalls, and mysterious hill tribes ensure travelers are treated to a cornucopia of colorful culture.


Long-hidden from view, palatial temples and French colonial architecture can now be embraced on luxury tours of Laos with the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Luang Prabang displaying numerous examples of European and Asian influence. Several of the country’s most important wats (monasteries) are held within Luang Prabang, and observing daily prayers and rituals can be an enlightening experience. Another breathtaking highlight is the Mekong River cruise excursion, which sails past limestone caves filled with deities and Buddhist symbolism.

Cambodia has long been the sanctuary of seasoned travelers seeking cultural fulfilment. Dedicated to Vishnu and covered in thick jungle creepers and over-hanging foliage, Angkor Wat, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a treat for the imagination and a fascinating insight into Khmer and Hindu art and architecture. Cambodia is a deeply thought-provoking country and not to be missed.

From the mystical karsts of Ha Long Bay to the buzzing roundabouts of Ho Chi Minh City, this journey travels down the coast to explore the impressive history and the dynamic future of one of Southeast Asia’s most vibrant countries—Vietnam. Its rich past is filled with romantic legends, heroic struggles, and deep cultural traditions. Vietnam’s 54 ethnic groups, most of whom live in remote areas, follow age-old customs. These diverse and fascinating cultures dwell within a stunning countryside of spectacular natural scenery and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. If you really wish to delve into Vietnam, I suggest adding on our post-trip extension!


Making my home in Thailand for over 15 years, these incredible, historical, and exotic destinations are in my backyard, yet still amaze me every time I return. In my opinion, Intriguing Indochina is the best Southeast Asia itinerary offered by any company.

Please contact your travel advisor or call our Expedition Advisors at 800.628.8747 to reserve space. This delightful journey will certainly knock your socks off and put a smile on your face!


Jan Wheatley 
Senior Travel Director

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