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Zegrahm Expeditions at Fifteen

Zegrahm Contributor|December 20, 2004|Blog Post

Our 15-year anniversary in expedition travel is just beginning! Here's a look back at some of our milestones.

August 1990 - Zegrahm Expeditions begins operations.

November 1990 - Zegrahm opens its Seattle office. Along with overseeing Zegrahm programs, a staff of four employees also handles reservations for Eco-Expeditions, a sister company running small-group safaris. Gradually over the years, we add in-house air and marketing departments.

March 1991 - Zegrahm operates its inaugural expedition, to Vietnam, one month after the travel embargo to that country is lifted.

October 1991 - Recognizing the necessity of protecting Antarctica's environment and ensuring travelers' safety, Zegrahm Expeditions and six other travel operators form the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO), which follows the multinational Antarctic Treaty System's guidelines for appropriate, safe, and environmentally sound travel to the Antarctic.

November 1992 - Zegrahm participates in the first circumnavigation of the island of South Georgia by a passenger vessel.

July 1993 - Zegrahm launches inaugural adventure travel exploration of the Kuril Islands, in the Russian Far East.

November 1993 -Zegrahm helps organize the first expedition to the frozen reaches of the Weddell Sea to visit emperor penguin colonies.

March 1995 - Aboard the World Discoverer, Zegrahm links the remote Polynesian destinations of Easter Island, Pitcairn, the Tuamotus, and the Marquesas on a single itinerary.

April 1996 - Zegrahm adds the final continent to its list of destinations when it charters the Coral Princess, a specially designed catamaran, to explore the northern coast of Australia from Cairns to Darwin.

May 1997 - With a goal to be the first travel operator to take civilians into space, Zegrahm forms Zegrahm Space Voyages (ZSV), partnering with an aerospace company and pilot training school to offer suborbital flights. As a prelude to space flights, ZSV operates Aquanaut Adventures in the Florida Keys and a cosmonaut-training program in Star City, Russia. In July 2001 Zegrahm sells ZSV to Space Adventures, who ultimately takes the first civilian aboard the International Space Station.

August 1997 - Zegrahm achieves another adventure travel first when it successfully circumnavigates Baffin Island by icebreaker.

February 1998 - Zegrahm creates its DeepSea Voyages division, using manned submersibles to explore the ocean depths. Notable achievements include participating in the inaugural passenger dives to the Titanic and an exploration of underwater volcanoes in the Azores, both in 1999, and the Bismarck in 2001.

November 1998 - With the departure of West Coast of South America, Zegrahm operates travel programs on all seven continents within the same calendar year for the first time.

December 1999/January 2000 - Realizing a plan ten years in the making, Zegrahm's First Light expedition departs for the Ross Sea. At 0015 on 01 January 2000, travelers on board the icebreaker Kapitan Khlebnikov are the first people on earth to witness the first dawn of the new millennium.

August 2001 - Zegrahm retraces the path of the historic 1899 Harriman Expedition to Alaska.

May 2002 - Zegrahm becomes the first travel operator to explore Russia's long off-limits Sea of Okhtosk aboard a passenger vessel.

December 2002 to March 2003 - Fulfilling a promise to return to the Indian Ocean "when we find the right ship," Zegrahm launches a series of expeditions to the Seychelles and Madagascar aboard the elegant sailing vessel Le Ponant.

July 2004 - Across the Top of the World becomes another history-making voyage for Zegrahm, a journey by icebreaker from the Atlantic to Pacific Ocean via the North Pole.

2005 - As the new year begins, Zegrahm and Eco Expeditions merge and continue to seek new lands and to devise novel ways to reveal the world to travelers. In 2005 we will launch our inaugural expeditions to Libya; our first circumnavigation of New Guinea; Flight of the Condor, an air safari exploring five South American countries; and in another industry first, our Circumnavigation of North America using exclusively chartered aircraft.