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Welcome to the Zegrahm Expeditions resources page! Here you will find inspiration for your next adventure and information from your last adventure, produced by our field leaders, Seattle office staff, and contributing writers. From blog posts and field reports (daily recaps of a past expeditions with images) to photo galleries and videos, explore your world from our perspective.

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Leopard Skin
April 6, 2010
Blog Post

Legadima, a Setswana word meaning “lightning,” is the name of a five-year-old adult female leopard that lives at Mombo in the Okavango Delta in northern Botswana. Guides and visitors have been watching her since she was a tiny little cub less than two weeks old. She is the subject of a documentary film and a photographic book called Eye of the Leopard, both of which document her life in intimate detail.

She recently successfully raised her first litter of cubs, two young...

Uganda: A Primate Paradise
April 9, 2010
Blog Post

On day one at Bwindi, we set out in two teams to look for the gorillas. One team found the Habinyanja (H) group relatively easily, with magnificent views of the silverback and a variety of other group members. The other team set off for the Mubare (M) group and we finally reached them after 600 vertical feet of slog through incredibly steep and slippery forest. We were rewarded with an amazing hour with the five-member family group, with the young blackback at distances as close as...

Mountain Gorilla
May 20, 2010
Blog Post

Flocks of migratory yellow-billed kites and black-winged pratincoles circled on thermals above, exploiting the rich bounty of flying termites, with the afternoon rounded off with a fine sighting of a leopard lounging in the upper limbs of a thorn tree. As if this was not enough, our nocturnal spotlighting turned up not one but two more leopards, along with some dapper white-tailed mongooses.

Queen Elizabeth National Park, with its game-rich, euphorbia thicket savanna and extensive...

November 4, 2010
Blog Post

Excerpt from the Welcome Home Letter written by Expedition Leader Lex Hes from our first-ever October 2010 Zambia expedition.

For me there were a few “lifers” on this trip: no less than three mammal species (oribi, Lichtenstein’s hartebeest, and sun squirrel) and four bird species (pennant-winged nightjar, Bohm’s bee-eater, sooty chat, and red-throated twinspot).

The fact that I saw two of these mammal lifers at Busanga highlights the importance of this area for...

November 15, 2010
Blog Post

Excerpt from the Welcome Home Letter written by Expedition Leader Lex Hes from our second 2010 Zambia departure.

From Kalamu, on to the mighty Zambezi River, the fourth largest in Africa. It was great to get onto the boats and skim across the water with the cool wind blowing in our faces after the heat and dust of Kalamu and then to be welcomed at camp by those two huge bull elephants standing there with the shady camp in the background.

Our first afternoon also...

Northern fur seals
August 19, 2010
Blog Post

Wow! What a day! A fantastic fiery sunrise kicked off a day which involved us going ashore on tiny Tyuleniy in the Sea of Okhotsk. Approaching from the south, the island became noticeable first because it was literally carpeted wall-to-wall with mammals and birds, second because of the incredible sound, and third because of the smell of all of those creatures. We pushed our way ashore through ranks of Northern Fur Seals and spent over three hours with our senses on overload. In every...

Northern fur seals
August 4, 2010
Blog Post

This morning, we arrived at one of the world’s great wildlife spectacles: a northern fur seal rookery in the Bering Sea’s remote Pribilof Islands. The roars of the male fur seals would occasionally cease just long enough that we could hear the squeals of the tiny month-old pups. Scattered across the black lava rocks, many of these young seal pups were eagerly awaiting the return of their mothers, who were currently off on feeding trips. While the pups waited, the enormous adult males (which...

Black Howler Monkey, Belize
January 7, 2010
Blog Post

While the Great Blue Hole and extensive reef system are the main attraction for many, our river trip to the Mayan ruins of Lamanai was definitely the highlight while in Belize, due in large part to our enthusiastic and humorous local guides. Along the way, they pointed out limpkins, laughing falcons, Wish Willy iguanas, Jabiru storks, and the Belizean provision tree (its bark is highly regarded as a blood tonic and is used to help anemia, low blood pressure, and fatigue). They also taught us...

Aleutian Islands
July 30, 2009
Blog Post

After a morning visit to the port of Dutch Harbor, our captain navigated the Clipper Odyssey towards the pass between Akutan and Unalaska Islands, our passage from the Bering Sea into the North Pacific. The upwelling of cold nutrient-rich water around the Aleutian Islands is legendary, and its productivity was evidenced by the huge flocks of birds swarming around the ship.

Short-tailed shearwaters, which nest in southern Australia, make the long journey north to take...

Gold Harbour, South Georgia
December 3, 2008
Blog Post

South Georgia exceeded even our wildest expectations. As we head for the Antarctic Peninsula, I am overwhelmed with a sense of awe that there still exists a place of such wild and rugged beauty and where wildlife reigns in concentrations and diversity that has to be seen to be believed. Our expedition began on the north coast and we cruised down the eastern side of the island, calling at bays, coves, harbors, and fjords along the way.

The Bay of Isles served as our introduction, the...


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