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Welcome to the Zegrahm Expeditions resources page! Here you will find inspiration for your next adventure and information from your last adventure, produced by our field leaders, Seattle office staff, and contributing writers. From blog posts and field reports (daily recaps of a past expeditions with images) to photo galleries and videos, explore your world from our perspective.

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Plymouth, England
July 23, 2015
Blog Post

Monday, May 18, 2015 - London, England / Plymouth / Dartmoor / Embark Sea Adventurer: Our adventure began in the surroundings of the Hilton Hotel at London’s Paddington Station where we had gathered yesterday to meet our fellow travelers and some of the expedition team. This morning we were shepherded through the rush hour crowds to catch our train which took us through some lovely English countryside and along the...

Agrigento, Sicily
June 8, 2015
Blog Post

The collective whisper of an olive grove’s rustling leaves at twilight, the trees seem to exhale after a day beneath the intense Mediterranean sun; soft, rolling hills, dotted with vineyards, lush and fragrant, the vines hang heavy with clusters of the patiently-ripening fruit; the crystalline waters of the sea, alive with fish and fisherman alike, each playing their age-old role in feeding the people of island. The breathtaking beauty of Sicily is reason enough to experience the area...

Khinkali and wine
June 2, 2015
Blog Post

While sampling the local cuisine is an integral part of any travel experience, you’ll find that partaking in a traditional Georgian supra is much more than time set aside to simply eat. A supra, or feast, is how Georgians celebrate all kinds of events—from weddings and birthdays to the arrival of travelers such as yourself; supras are the medium through which Georgians showcase both the delectable cuisine and exuberant hospitality for which they are famous. 


St. Peter Port, Guernsey, Channel Islands
June 1, 2015
Blog Post

With its stunning scenery, friendly peoples, and a Mediterranean-esque ambience, the Channel Islands offer an interesting juxtaposition of French and British influences. The islands are in the English Channel, just a few miles off the coast of Brittany. They are bailiwicks, or self-governing British Crown Dependencies, and their form of government has been in existence for 1,000 years. Sark is actually still ruled by a Seigneur, which hearkens back to European feudalism.


Bordeaux, France
June 1, 2015
Blog Post

When you return from your Bordeaux travels, you may find yourself on the guest list for all sorts of neighborhood soirees and wine tastings—after all, you’re the new oenophile on the block! Your immersion in the world’s wine industry capital will surely school you in the ways of the local vineyards and tempt you with many a taste of the fabulous reds (and even some white) that stem from this region.

Before you go, take a look at a map of France to familiarize yourself with the layout...

Taking a Spin with Turkey's Whirling Dervishes
May 29, 2015
Blog Post

A secret turning in us
makes the universe turn.
Head unaware of feet,
and feet head. Neither cares.
They keep turning.

                   —Rumi, “The Secret Turning”

Anyone who has watched a child gleefully spinning in circles recognizes the bliss that comes in freely moving one’s body. Yet for members of the Whirling Dervishes, this twirling is a very...

April 25, 2015
Blog Post

For 25 years, we have been taking inquisitve travelers to the ends of the earth; in 2016, our trend continues. We're offering 35 unique adventures next year, 11 of which are brand-new itineraries! We think our line-up will inspire even the most well-traveled explorers; take a look at our new expeditions below and contact us at or 206.285.4000, for any questions or to book today.


Ankara, Turkey
April 25, 2015
Blog Post

Distinctive Turkey, 2008

Our time in Turkey is flying... In Ankara, The Museum of Anatolian Civilizations was fantastic; the exhibits are so well done and transport you through the different time periods and cultures. We had a wonderful lunch at an old Ottoman home within the ancient Citadel in the heart of the city, then had a rare chance to visit rooms not usually open to the public in the Mausoleum of Ataturk, thanks to our great guide, Yasar.

In addition...

September 20, 2009
Blog Post

In 1960-61 we both separately joined the Foreign Service/USAID and our first assignments were to Ankara, Turkey. In the spring of 1961, we became acquainted on a trip to Goreme/Cappadocia. As kismet would have it we fell in love and were married in Ankara in 5/62 and our two children were born there. Before departing in 4/65 we visited an antique store in Izmir and bought 3-4 pieces of "old pottery." Also, we visited Bodrum and at a Turkish tea house, we bought two amphorae that the...

Pygmy cormorants
April 25, 2015
Blog Post

Circumnavigation of the Black Sea, 2009

We entered the Danube Delta at 6 a.m. to take on the pilot in Romania's Sulina Channel. Already we could see pelicans and coots rafting in the lakes just north of the channel which bisects this immense biosphere reserve. Our local boat, the Europolis, was waiting alongside in Crisan to take us deep into the reserve via narrow channels. The waterways were quiet and idyllic, overhung with willow trees and bordered by sweeping stands of ...


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