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Welcome to the Zegrahm Expeditions resources page! Here you will find inspiration for your next adventure and information from your last adventure, produced by our field leaders, Seattle office staff, and contributing writers. From blog posts and field reports (daily recaps of a past expeditions with images) to photo galleries and videos, explore your world from our perspective.

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Sumela Monastery
October 5, 2011
Blog Post

We stepped out into the cool crisp air of a shaded streamside valley in northeastern Turkey. The temperature here in the mountains was noticeably different than the Black Sea coast from where we came, some 4,000 feet below us. Imbedded in the cliff face high above our heads sat the spectacular Sumela Monastery, its buff-colored stone glistening in the bright morning sun.

Local vans whisked us up the final bit of narrow winding road, but the last 300 meters to the Monastery could only...

Amasra, Turkey
September 19, 2011
Blog Post

Under a glorious blue sky, we wandered the narrow winding streets of the coastal village of Amasra. From a high bluff above town, we watched a pair of dolphins attend to a small fishing boat, and admired the rugged north coast of Turkey as it dropped off precipitously into the glistening blue waters of the Black Sea.

Back in town, we carefully meandered past colorful stacks of tomatoes, plums, figs, and other fresh produce in a bustling open-air market, where change for our fruit and...

Dubrovnik, Croatia
April 21, 2009
Blog Post

Springtime is the best time to be in the Adriatic. The hillsides are ablaze with poppies, irises, and gorse and the medieval walled cities are filled with festivals of the season. We watched Easter Pageants in Malta and Sicily and toured the palaces, archaeological sites, and bustling mountain-top bazaars of Corfu and Albania.

In Montenegro we spent the early morning on deck watching as our ship navigated the winding fjord of Boka Kotorska. Once we were alongside beneath the walls of...

The Fabled Adriatic
March 20, 2009
Blog Post

As lifelong adventurers we are constantly seeking our own secret paths. When we were children these paths might have begun with the simple shortcuts home from school, through a neighbor’s yard, or across a wild meadow. Later, these paths took the form of roads and hidden delights we discovered while extending the borders of our surroundings, venturing farther afield and around the globe.

Now our travels take us to foreign cities and villages where we wander labyrinthine...

Bornholm Island, Denmark
March 31, 2011
Blog Post

In my many years of travel, I have found that each season seems to claim a region for her own and is the place she brings out her very best.

Spring chooses the Mediterranean and fills the shores with bird-song and a colorful explosion of wild flowers. Autumn picks the Black Sea after harvest, when families gather and tables groan under the weight of feasts and wines. And summer has chosen the Baltic, where she lengthens her days and breaks out her best along the southern amber shores...

Sumela fresco, Turkey
October 15, 2012
Blog Post

Kevin Clement was so inspired by his time circumnavigating the Black Sea, he put pen to paper and crafted a poem to remember.


The Discharge of the Trite Brigade

The verse that started it all (my contest entry):

 The leeches, when we reached Batumi,
Found their glass insufficiently roomy.
They said, “We’re heading out.
“We’ll be crawling about,

May 2, 2012
Blog Post

Stephen C. Quinn, of the American Museum of Natural History, will be joining our Ireland and the British Isles expedition this May. Being of Irish descent, Stephen is particularly excited about the journey and shared with us his must-have items on a trip that incorporates both incredible wildlife viewing and magnificent scenery.

There is a very good little field guide to the region’s birdlife, A Pocket Guide to Common Birds of Ireland by Eric Dempsey and...

Mediterranean Diet
December 31, 2010
Blog Post

More information on the island’s cuisine is preserved in The Life of Luxury written around 350 B.C. by another Sicilian, Archestratus of Syracuse, who has often been called the “Father of Gastronomy.” Written not in prose, but in poetry, this was less of a how-to cooking manual, and more of an epicurean travelogue in which Archestratus, an inveterate traveler, described his journeys as far as the Black Sea in order to satisfy his hunger for good food. His work described the what,...

Lanzarote, Canary Islands
May 13, 2011
Blog Post

Today started off with inspiring lectures by the Peter’s—Harrison and Zika. As we landed on the volcanic island of Lanzarote, we split into groups of three. The intrepid birders followed Peter H.; a second group visited the city of Teguise; and the rest of us opted for the volcano tour at Timanfaya National Park including a camel ride, followed by a winery visit. With ongoing lectures by geologist Tom Sharpe, we learned all about the lava surrounding us and saw lava-cicles, former lava tubes...

Agrigento, Sicily
September 8, 2011
Blog Post

We are now cruising from our first five days in Sicily towards the Adriatic Sea and the wonders of Croatia, Montenegro, and Albania. Sicily was full of marvels. We began in Palermo and Monreale, where the 12th-century churches and chapels were adorned with magnificent mosaics from floor to ceiling. The Palatine Chapel in Palermo was especially memorable, like a jewel-box of medieval art. We enjoyed exploring the labyrinthine streets of the medieval hilltop town of Erice and the beautifully...


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