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Welcome to the Zegrahm Expeditions resources page! Here you will find inspiration for your next adventure and information from your last adventure, produced by our field leaders, Seattle office staff, and contributing writers. From blog posts and field reports (daily recaps of a past expeditions with images) to photo galleries and videos, explore your world from our perspective.

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Guests on Zodiac
December 30, 2011
Blog Post

At Zegrahm Expeditions, we endeavor to travel outside the box—not always adhering to what the daily itinerary dictates, but capitalizing on any and all opportunities to discover whatever unnamed atoll, unvisited village, or unchartered waters we might happen upon. Indeed, many of our adventures are in areas so remote, they are rarely, if ever, visited so there is much to be discovered. And therein lies the appeal of Zegrahm Expeditions: You travel as an inquisitive, fully-engaged explorer,...

Isla de Providencia, Colombia
January 22, 2009
Blog Post

We spent our brief time in Colombia on English-speaking Isla de Providencia. Zodiacs took us ashore where we were welcomed with the sounds of island music. The birders were off first and had the great fortune to site thick-billed vireo, white crowned pigeons, and green breasted mangos. The rest of us enjoyed an island tour, visiting a small school where we presented school supplies donated by Zegrahm and our passengers. The tour continued to a lookout with stunning views of the island and...

Lion cub
November 10, 2009
Blog Post

Keeping with our singular experience theme, we saw thousands of zebras on the plains of the Kalahari. This is something that I personally have never seen before because our safari regularly arrives there a month earlier than the arrival of the migration. Another new experience for me was observing elephants gathering in and around camp, as well as seeing a red hartebeest.

Mombo produced huge numbers of animals, but it was most unusual to get such a good view of the lioness...

Wild dog
March 19, 2010
Blog Post

For those of you who have traveled with me before, I sincerely hope that you enjoyed seeing our little bit of Africa at a very different time of year—the Mombo and DumaTau brought back some happy memories and, of course, created new ones. The lush landscapes, the flowers, the beautiful cumulonimbus clouds contributing to some stunning sunsets, and the baby animals were all differences from a trip in the dry season.

This trip wasn’t purely a natural history trip and...

Strolling Leopard
September 16, 2010
Blog Post

Our Ultimate Botswana expedition arrived at Chitabe Camp in the Okavango Delta of Botswana on August 26, 2010. After settling into camp we set off on our first afternoon drive, which was to be more of an exploratory drive than anything else. Little did we know how quickly things would change!

After about an hour of driving slowly, looking at various birds, some giraffe, a few elephants and lots of impala, we came around a corner and spotted a couple of...

Zegrahm Field Leaders
April 2, 2010
Blog Post

Zegrahms Tips On What Makes For The Best Pair Of Binoculars 

In the Zegrahm Expeditions office, we are frequently asked about the best and most useful gear to bring on our expeditions—from the choice of boots to wear in Antarctica and South Georgia or on the Northern Ring of Fire expeditions to the best snorkeling gear for Faces of Melanesia.

These items are, of course, essential to the enjoyment of each expedition, but when departing for a...

Jellyfish Lake, Palau
April 5, 2011
Blog Post

We traveled by speed boat through the verdant, mushroom shaped islets of Palau to get to Jellyfish Lake, named one of the Seven Biological Wonders of the World. The walk through the forest which separates the lake from the sea is like leaving one world and entering another. The melodic calls of the Palauan fantail and fruit doves reverberate through the lush woodland and when we arrived at the shore of the lake, sulfur crested cockatoos were sighted in flight over the glassy waters.


Brown Bear
December 20, 2004
Blog Post

The annual return of Pacific salmon to the rivers of the north, in numbers beyond calculation, represents a massive delivery of protein and nutrients from the oceans to the land and the forest. The salmon drive that entire coastal ecosystem, and, in particular, they feed the bears.

To be sure, there are grizzly bears that live where the salmon runs don't reach and who never partake of that seasonal abundance. But those bears are smaller and less numerous than their coastal cousins....

Lemaire Channel, Antarctica
December 31, 2017
Blog Post

Zegrahm Expeditions Director Kevin Clement is fortunate enough to live within the boundaries of Denali National Park. His specialty is subarctic ecology, but his work as a naturalist and an ecotourism and adventure travel guide has taken him from his home in Alaska to all seven continents. Kevin has traveled to Antarctica 49 times and never tires of lecturing on one of his favorite subjects, ice.

Living for many years in Alaska, traveling widely in the Arctic, and doing a...

April 8, 2011
Blog Post

It is almost a truism to say that Sicily is a colorful place. But until coming here, I never realized how rich and subtly vibrant and vibrantly subtle and, well, Mediterranean the colors would be. So I have made a partial list of the colors I saw today.

To start with, of course, there was the pearlescent peach of the sky before sunrise, and the vermilion of the newborn sun as we sailed into the old harbor of Mazara del Vallo. The sky became a pale pinkish-orange near the...


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