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Welcome to the Zegrahm Expeditions resources page! Here you will find inspiration for your next adventure and information from your last adventure, produced by our field leaders, Seattle office staff, and contributing writers. From blog posts and field reports (daily recaps of a past expeditions with images) to photo galleries and videos, explore your world from our perspective.

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Fairy Terns, Seychelles
April 20, 2002
Blog Post

Naturalist Rob McCall will be accompanying our Seychelles and Ultimate Seychelles expeditions, which commence in December 2002 aboard Le Ponant. Here, he recounts his first visit to bird-rich Aride Island.

I first became aware of the Seychelles while watching a David Attenborough documentary at the age of eight. Attenborough was cradling an oversize and bizarre-looking coconut, while in the background an azure ocean lapped a white sand shore framed by giant pink boulders. It...

Chocolate Hills, Bohol Island
October 20, 1999
Blog Post

Shaped by geological and historical influences, the Philippines of yesterday and today came to life for us in a beautiful tapestry of natural wonders, fascinating people and diverse activities. This island nation is divided into three main geographic regions: Luzon in the north, the central Visayan Islands, and Mindanao in the south. Each region has a distinct character. Luzon is the largest and most developed of the islands. It is home to Manila, the bustling capital of 11 million people,...

Bengal Tiger
September 22, 2010
Blog Post

Since 1997, we have made almost yearly trips to both Bandhavgrah and Kanha National Parks in eastern India to seek out the rare Bengal tiger. And while this elusive creature is the star attraction, there is an abundance of other wildlife within the parks that amazes visitors with their beauty and abundance. Yet, due to the overwhelming demand from Westerners to see the tigers, local guides are typically only versed in tiger ecology and have limited knowledge of the park’s slew of other...

Lemaire Channel, Antarctica
February 2, 2010
Blog Post

Zegrahm travelers recently had the privilege of traveling with French Captain Étienne Garcia aboard Le Diamant on our Antarctica, South Georgia & the Falkland Islands itinerary. Below is an excerpt from his farewell speech that was so well received by passengers, staff, and crew that they hoped we would publish it for all to read:

Good evening dear passengers, this is your Captain speaking from the . . . the stage. I don’t have the eloquence of...

Dusky Sound, New Zealand
April 20, 2008
Blog Post

I confess; I am biased. I adore islands, and have called three island groups home: Britain, Japan, and the isolated antipodean archipelago of New Zealand. Remote, far-flung, modern, and bustling are all adjectives that describe the Maori's Aotearoa—land of the long white cloud, aka. New Zealand.

For me, as a naturalist, New Zealand represents a micro-cosmos of what happens to life forms long left in isolation, for here are some of the world's strangest living things. In a unique time...

Walrus, Anastasiya Bay, Russia
October 20, 2007
Blog Post

The walrus is a visually peculiar creature. To see one up close is to understand why scientists called it Odobenus rosmarus, tooth-walker, and why, in Old Norse, they were known as hval-hross, whale-horses. Indubitably, the walrus is a curious beast.

At sea, they blow and spout like small cetaceans, though they bellow like buffalo. Their rubber-like faces reveal an extraordinarily small and muscular mouth with a bristly muzzle sporting several hundred long, stiff...

On Location: Mongolia
September 26, 2008
Blog Post

Our action-packed itinerary took us from northern Mongolia at the Onon River to the far south in the Gobi, encompassing many of the country’s unique highlights.

In comfortable land cruisers we left Ulaanbaatar (UB) behind and set off through dramatic landscapes, and enjoyed our first views of graceful demoiselle cranes through the spotting scope. The crescent moon ger camp at Jalman Meadows was Mongolian camping at its best—in simple comfort and in a superb setting. Our two...

Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland
December 30, 2011
Blog Post

Naturalist Mark Brazil has been leading trips for Zegrahm Expeditions for over 10 years. His explorations range from seeking out India’s rare Bengal tigers to photographing Japan’s white-naped cranes.

“Remote” and the “British Isles” are words that are not often combined in the same sentence. After all, the islands, geographically encompassing both Ireland and the UK, have been settled for millennia, are rich in archaeology, history, folklore and custom, and support a...

Dubai, United Araba Emirates
May 26, 2012
Blog Post

When Emirates Airlines started flying direct out of Seattle to Dubai, I decided it was time to try the airline I had heard so much about. It was a personal trip back home to Cape Town to visit family and, although it’s not the fastest way from Point A to Point B, I wanted to try a new route and a new airline. This patricular routing left me with 8 hours and 50 minutes between my two flights at Dubai Airport. Oh sure, I love people-watching at airports – who doesn’t? Time spent at an airport...

Facts About Polar Bears—Their Plight and Prospects
July 21, 2009
Blog Post

While scouting independently along the Hornsund coast, our expedition leader Mike Messick found a polar bear lounging on a hillside. Returning to the ship, he quickly organized an excursion for everyone to observe the bear from aboard Zodiacs. Following Mike’s lead, one Zodiac moving in line behind the other, to look as non-threatening to the bear as possible, we approached the beach. From the water we reveled in the bear’s movements, each series of lumbering steps along the path gave us a...


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