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Welcome to the Zegrahm Expeditions resources page! Here you will find inspiration for your next adventure and information from your last adventure, produced by our field leaders, Seattle office staff, and contributing writers. From blog posts and field reports (daily recaps of a past expeditions with images) to photo galleries and videos, explore your world from our perspective.

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Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary
July 20, 2007
Blog Post

As a child I dreamed of watching wild creatures, especially mammals, but with no one to learn from, I was left to my own devices to find ways to do so. Youthful interests tend toward the energetic, so it was by bicycle that I explored my home county of Worcestershire in central England. However, the scarcity of wild, diurnal mammals near my home led me to become a naturalist with a strong leaning toward birds, and my abundant energy led me to be constantly on the move--eager to know what was...

On Location: Mongolia
September 26, 2008
Blog Post

Our action-packed itinerary took us from northern Mongolia at the Onon River to the far south in the Gobi, encompassing many of the country’s unique highlights.

In comfortable land cruisers we left Ulaanbaatar (UB) behind and set off through dramatic landscapes, and enjoyed our first views of graceful demoiselle cranes through the spotting scope. The crescent moon ger camp at Jalman Meadows was Mongolian camping at its best—in simple comfort and in a superb setting. Our two...

Kushiro Region
March 24, 2008
Blog Post

Excerpts from the Welcome Home Letter written by Expedition Leader Mark Brazil for our January 2008 Snow Monkeys & Cranes of Japan program.

What amazing contrasts we experienced, beginning with our somewhat damp welcome in Nagoya. From the tea plantations and flowering plum trees of southwestern Kyushu, to the light snow followed by sunshine in the forested mountains of Nagano Prefecture. And finally, day after day of glorious sunshine reflecting on packed snow in east...

Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland
December 30, 2011
Blog Post

Naturalist Mark Brazil has been leading trips for Zegrahm Expeditions for over 10 years. His explorations range from seeking out India’s rare Bengal tigers to photographing Japan’s white-naped cranes.

“Remote” and the “British Isles” are words that are not often combined in the same sentence. After all, the islands, geographically encompassing both Ireland and the UK, have been settled for millennia, are rich in archaeology, history, folklore and custom, and support a...

Dutch Harbor, Alaska
July 2, 2010
Blog Post

As many of us were finishing our hearty breakfast, the Clipper Odyssey made the turn into Dutch Harbor, once an obscure part of the Aleutians but now known to millions who tune into the television program, Deadliest Catch. Here, for once, television does not completely invent reality for Dutch Harbor had been for many years the most important port for the fishing industry in the United States. Three major processing plants dot the town and empty crabbing and fishing...

Facts About Polar Bears—Their Plight and Prospects
July 21, 2009
Blog Post

While scouting independently along the Hornsund coast, our expedition leader Mike Messick found a polar bear lounging on a hillside. Returning to the ship, he quickly organized an excursion for everyone to observe the bear from aboard Zodiacs. Following Mike’s lead, one Zodiac moving in line behind the other, to look as non-threatening to the bear as possible, we approached the beach. From the water we reveled in the bear’s movements, each series of lumbering steps along the path gave us a...

Qui Nhon, Vietnam
October 20, 2002
Blog Post

Kim Saunders, one of the leaders of our Vietnam & the Ancient Kingdoms of Cambodia and Laos expedition, has been traveling throughout Southeast Asia for nearly 20 years. A lecturer and expert on contemporary Asian culture, Kim has been promoting awareness and appreciation of locally produced Southeast Asian handicrafts for the past decade. We recently asked Kim for her impressions of the region and what travelers on next year's expedition, departing 17 March, can expect.


Frigatebird, Barbuda
July 8, 2009
Blog Post

Our visit to Genovesa Island this morning couldn't have been better. The avian activities on this island were in full swing with magnificent seabirds displaying their exquisite colors; red-footed boobies, swallow-tailed gulls, and great frigatebirds. While red-footed boobies were brooding their fluffy offspring the male frigatebirds were trying to attract mates with their bright red inflated gular pouches or chasing boobies to steal food and nesting material. These kleptoparasitic,...

Gray-crowned crane
October 25, 2011
Blog Post

Our land program to Zambia recently came to an end, and we were lucky enough to receive some phenomenal pictures of the safari. A first for many of our travelers, they had incredible up-close views of lions and much more. Below are pictures and an excerpt from the journal of Lex Hes, our guide and one of Africa's premiere naturalists.

The trip got off to an exciting, if somewhat unusual, start when we discovered that the lions had booked out rooms 4, 5, and 6 at Shumba...

Yellowback Fusiliers, St. Joseph Atoll, Seychelles
September 28, 2011
Blog Post

Jack Grove is a marine biologist and cofounder of Zegrahm Expeditions, and has spent much of the past two decades traveling on, and lecturing about, the world's oceans. An avid scuba diver, certified divemaster, and dedicated conservationist, Jack recently took time to answer some questions about the Sechelles. 

Zegrahm Expeditions cofounder and marine...


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