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Welcome to the Zegrahm Expeditions resources page! Here you will find inspiration for your next adventure and information from your last adventure, produced by our field leaders, Seattle office staff, and contributing writers. From blog posts and field reports (daily recaps of a past expeditions with images) to photo galleries and videos, explore your world from our perspective.

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Gray-crowned crane
October 25, 2011
Blog Post

Our land program to Zambia recently came to an end, and we were lucky enough to receive some phenomenal pictures of the safari. A first for many of our travelers, they had incredible up-close views of lions and much more. Below are pictures and an excerpt from the journal of Lex Hes, our guide and one of Africa's premiere naturalists.

The trip got off to an exciting, if somewhat unusual, start when we discovered that the lions had booked out rooms 4, 5, and 6 at Shumba...

Indian One-Horned Rhino
September 28, 2011
Blog Post

Excerpt from the Welcome Home Letter written by Expedition Leader Mark Brazil from our 2011 Wild India expedition.

On reviewing our wildlife sightings, it is amazing to think that between us we saw 30 species of mammals and nearly 250 species of birds. It was the supporting cast of so many birds that kept us focused in the field, and with our senses tuned hour after hour to make so many of those mammal sightings possible. Of course, those birds also provided us with some...

Great Blue Heron, Danube River Delta
September 26, 2011
Blog Post

With a fiery orange sun rising above the sea to our stern, we maneuvered into one of the main channels at the mouth of the 1,750-mile long Danube River. The delta of this river covers an amazing 5,000 square kilometers and, as we looked out over the ship’s railing, we came to realize that we were completely surrounded by extensive reed beds stretching out to the horizon. Huge flocks of white pelicans fished in the marsh, while the appropriately named pygmy cormorant perched conspicuously on...

Cotonu, Benin
December 30, 2010
Blog Post

Nadia is a native South African. She has not only served as one of Zegrahm’s much-loved Cruise Directors since 1995, but she also helps us plan our land and ship itineraries in southern Africa.

What a pleasure it is for me to share some of the highlights of expedition ship travel around Africa with Zegrahm Expeditions! The continent of Africa is perfect for expedition cruising with over 18,000 miles of coastline, inlets, bays, and rivers leading to inland odysseys—expansive...

Black Lemur, Périnet Reserve
April 19, 2004
Blog Post

Paleoanthropologist and primatologist Ian Tattersall, who conducted extensive fieldwork in Madagascar, will be a member of the lecture team on our inaugural Indian Ocean Safari expedition, which begins February 12, 2005, on board Le Ponant. Here he explains why this itinerary holds special meaning for him.

I was delighted to be asked to accompany this voyage, not only because it begins and ends in places (the islands of Reunion and Zanzibar) for which I have long nourished a...

Crowned lemur
June 19, 2005
Blog Post

OK, I admit it, I'm a sucker for islands and tropical rainforests and primates. Put all these together and I'm like a kid in a candy store. Truth is, there aren't too many places that combine these three things. Spin a globe, and the scarcity of rainforest-covered islands becomes all too apparent. Now think about which ones have primates. Madagascar is one such place.

My love affair with Madagascar started many years ago, on a flight from Johannesburg to Singapore. From the window of...

Bengal Tiger
March 21, 2008
Blog Post

Excerpts from the Welcome Home Letter written by our Expedition Leader for our February 2008 Wild India program.

From the urban chaos of our first afternoon in the narrow alleyways of old Delhi to the serenity of our time on the sacred Brahmaputra River… from the timeless elegance of the temples at Khajuraho to gaudy roadside markets, India boasts a cultural and scenic richness second to none. No single trip to India can hope to cover the rich spread of this immense country...

October 17, 2008
Blog Post

Our 2008 Ultimate Botswana expedition was a record-breaker in two ways:

First, we saw a total of 15 different leopards on the trip which more than doubles the previous record of seven. It really wasn’t that long ago that leopards were considered to be the most elusive of the large game animals to see—and to a large extent this is still true. However, there are certain special places where leopards are regularly seen now and Chitabe is one of them. In the past Chitabe...

Green-backed mantella
October 30, 2008
Blog Post

From the capital, Antananarivo, our expedition began in earnest with a domestic flight to the remote town of Maroansetra, gateway to Madagascar’s most extensive wilderness of the Masoala Peninsula. A boat excursion along the backwaters of the Antainambalana River in the afternoon offered insights into the way of life of the rural Malagasy, along with a fine male panther chameleon, but the day’s highlight was undoubtedly our spectacularly successful quest for nocturnal creatures around the...

Aldabra Atoll, Seychelles
March 4, 2009
Blog Post

We can always count on Aldabra providing us with wonderful surprises... We left Le Ponant before sunrise with the high tide to search for nesting sea turtles with Jonathan and Gemma. Almost as soon as we landed, Gemma and the Aldabra Research scientist, Naomi, found a female green turtle in the process of covering her eggs. We watched her for forty-five minutes as she took her time, carefully covering the eggs before she headed back toward the open sea. The sunrise was magnificent...


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