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Welcome to the Zegrahm Expeditions resources page! Here you will find inspiration for your next adventure and information from your last adventure, produced by our field leaders, Seattle office staff, and contributing writers. From blog posts and field reports (daily recaps of a past expeditions with images) to photo galleries and videos, explore your world from our perspective.

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Aldabra Atoll, Seychelles
March 4, 2009
Blog Post

We can always count on Aldabra providing us with wonderful surprises... We left Le Ponant before sunrise with the high tide to search for nesting sea turtles with Jonathan and Gemma. Almost as soon as we landed, Gemma and the Aldabra Research scientist, Naomi, found a female green turtle in the process of covering her eggs. We watched her for forty-five minutes as she took her time, carefully covering the eggs before she headed back toward the open sea. The sunrise was magnificent...

Humpback Whale
January 16, 2009
Blog Post

We awoke to find ourselves approaching Elephant Island in thick fog and swells, but the fog soon lifted to reveal Cape Valentine and the towering cliffs of this island made famous by the 1914-1917 Shackleton Expedition. Captain Lemaire brought us right into view of historic Point Wild where twenty-two crew members from the Endurance spent four and a half months until Shackleton’s welcome return upon the Chilean navy cutter Yelcho. Zodiacs were launched and, although the...

February 13, 2009
Blog Post

The enchanting landscapes of Japan in winter provide our small group of travelers with an extraordinary expedition that includes wildlife, culture, and an incredible variety of exciting bird sightings. 

Among the many highlights of this trip is our time spent in Jigokudani, a steep-sided valley set amid forested mountains, observing and photographing the resident troops of Japanese macaques (snow monkeys) bathing in their very own hot pools. The viewing area has an...

Mombo Camp
March 11, 2009
Blog Post

Our Eco-Expedition, Back to Africa with Lex Hes ended on March 9th and we are excited to share some highlights of the trip.

One of the greatest things about this trip was the enormous diversity we encountered as we moved from the low rainfall areas of the desert through to the high rainfall areas in the east. Starting off with Rhino Camp, our sights and sounds included: oryx, springbok, Ruppell’s korhaan, Namaqua sandgrouse, the long drawn-out whistle of the Benguella longbilled lark...

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest
April 19, 2009
Blog Post

Like any superhero worth their cape, UNESCO is on the side of the underdog. Armed with a global spotlight and a list of internationally-approved criteria, it answers the call of the helpless endangered species, the threatened pristine wilderness, and fragile underwater wonderlands—all silently imploring universal shelter from that ubiquitous arch villain—greed.

The establishment of a Natural Heritage Site implies accepted responsibility—by its government, world corporations, and the...

Young Buddhists in Myanmar
September 3, 2009
Blog Post

Zegrahm began offering our Burma & Laos trip about ten years ago, with the belief that we could do more to help the people of Burma by traveling to their country than by not going at all. We have always hoped that if we could get to Aung San Suu Kyi's ear, that she would reach the same conclusion. Someone has gotten to her ear and we can now be even more proud of our positive, progressive legacy in Burma.

Many of our travelers have been inspired by their experiences in Burma and...

Amasya, Turkey
September 24, 2009
Blog Post

On the Black Sea, history lies in many layers. Jason and the Argonauts rowed these waters searching for the Golden Fleece. Mark Twain explored this sea in the 1800's on the ship, Quaker City, perhaps the first voyage of its kind. We travel though this sea experiencing history, past and present, first-hand.

Above the Turkish town of Amasya, Pontic kings, (scions of Alexander’s fractured empire) were buried in tombs carved into cliffs. During our hike above the Izilirmak river...

Carmine bee-eater
October 9, 2009
Blog Post

On our small-group expedition through Botswana, we enjoyed many mammal highlights: hyenas feeding on a leopard’s kudu kill at Chitabe, a morning spent with a male and female leopard at Mombo and then the subsequent discovery of her little cubs, a lot of time spent with two male lions when they were separated and eventually found each other and walked off together. It is quality viewing such as this that makes a safari truly special. I would much rather spend the morning...

Bleaker Island, Falkland Islands
January 11, 2010
Blog Post

With smooth seas, tropical temperatures, and sunburns, it’s hard to believe that we are in the Southern Ocean en route to Antarctica. Our first landing in the Falklands was celebrated as ‘A Zegrahm First’ because never before had the expedition been able to make first landing on day one—typically, we spend a full day at sea sailing from Ushuaia to the Falkland Islands. We celebrated by stepping ashore early evening at New Ireland and enjoyed sunset over a menagerie of black-browed albatross...

Cappadocia, Turkey
January 19, 2010
Blog Post

Zegrahm's Turkey tour partner was born in the Caucasus Mountains. Having covered every mile of his beloved homeland, Yasar Karadag has educated travelers for over 20 years on its cultural, archaeological, and natural splendors.

It seems that the longer I work in the world of travel the greater my pride in my homeland. Not only was I born in the same country as Homer, Herodotus, St. Paul, and Mevlana, but I am privileged to carry on the tradition of recalling their legacies...


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